Juja receives a shock following the death of their MP, Francis Munyua aka Wakapee- may his soul rest in peace

It feels so sad to lose a Member of Parliament a week after Bonchari Mp, John Oroo Oyioka passed on.

Juja MP Francis Munyua, popularly known as Wakupee is dead.

His death has been proved by the family members.

Munyua died yesternight while undergoing treatment at the MP Shah Hospital in Nairobi.

Former Juja MP and Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo has sent a message of condolence to the bereaved family.

“My sincere heartfelt condolences to the family of the late friend and also my home MP Hon. Munyua “Wakapee “was to see him this afternoon and felt a bye bye coming from him.”

“I treasure the fond memories of over 30 years of our friendship.”

“Fare thee well my friend,” reads Kabogo’s message on Twitter.

The deceased was diagnosed with stage two brain cancer in 2017 and later held a press conference in 2018 and opened up on his ailment.

Munyua explained that he had taken the test after receiving pressure from his mother who was also undergoing treatment for the same at that time.

This is the time when he learnt of his diagnosis.

He spent 8 Million while staying in India for seven weeks for medication and later returned back home in March 2018.

He stressed that during his stay in India he could spend at least Ksh 1.8 Million on accommodation only.

In 2016, the late MP’ s sister died at her 60 after losing a battle of stage 4 liver cancer.

“Kenyan’s seeking cancer treatment in India are suffering.

They cannot find anywhere to lay down their heads, they end up sleeping in trenches because they cannot afford to rent the expensive houses there.” He sympathised.

Demolition of houses by Kenya Railways in Kibos, Kisumu county rendered thousands of families homeless

Thousands of families in Kibos, Kisumu County received a rude shock when they were forced to spend their night in the cold as their houses were being demolished on Friday night.

Many of the residents were displaced and had nowhere to go.

The Kenya Railway bulldozers moved in to demolish various houses that belonged to the Kibos residents. This was done on Friday night and by dawn break thousands of them had no alternative.

Demolition was done under strict supervision of the police officers who were lobbing teargas canisters to disapprove the families who earlier pleaded with the government to spare them since they had no alternative apart from their homes.

The property that were destroyed during the demolition is of unknown value.
The victims have moved to the court appealing with the National government to resettle them elsewhere.

Kenya Railway is said to have given the Kibos residents a notice before to vacate so as to allow for the construction of Nakuru- Kisumu railway line.

Japanese woman hid the mother’s frozen corpse in the freezer for 10 years

Japanese woman named Yumi Yoshino who is 48 said she hid the mother’s corpse in a freezer in her apartment for 10 years.She told the police that her reason for doing so was that she feared eviction in case the death was discovered.

The woman was held on a suspicion of abandoning and hiding a female body found on Wednesday in a freezer in Tokyo apartment.

Yoshino said that after finding her mother dead 10 years ago, she hid the body because she didn’t want to move out of the home they shared with her mother.

The mother who was thought to be aged 60 at the time of death was named on the lease of the apartment in a municipal housing complex.Yoshino had been forced to leave the apartment in the mid January after failing to pay the rent then the cleaner discovered the body in a freezer hidden in a closet.

An autopsy could neither determine the cause of the woman’s death nor the time while there were not even a single wound on the frozen body.

The police said that the body had been bent to fit in the freezer.
Yoshino was later arrested in a hotel in the city of Chiba,near Tokyo on Friday.

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