“Cartels’ made me quit gospel Music” Willy Paul Laments.

Willy Paul has cleared the air on why he chose to exit the gospel industry and take to Secular industry.

The fast rising musician was scaling high in the Gospel industry up until when he decided to venture into the Secular music industry.

Earlier on the fast- rising musician revealed that he realized he had a talent at a tender age.

His mother was strongly against his wish to join the music career but he fought against all odds to gain fame and success in his musical journey.

” I realized my musical career at a tender age when I was in class three.Because my mother was strict and very harsh ,I kept it to myself. I intentionally ventured into music after my dad passed on and everyone went on different ways. My mother was against it . My big brother talked to her to permit me to explore my talent and she agreed so that I could support her and the family. “

Willy Pozee also revealed that ‘cartels’ in the music industry have also contributed largely towards his fall-out in the Gospel music industry.

Talking to Jalang’o in an interview earlier in the week, the celebrated musician concurred that the ‘cartels’ had taken a heavy toll on him.

” …these guys were so against me and protested against my music being played on the radio..there was a time I depended on music to pay my mother’s bills but these people didn’t care, they were so heartless…I was facing so many challenges in the Gospel industry. I don’t want to mention names but the people in the Gospel industry did so much to me. There is that feeling when you haven’t done anything to anyone but they just want to see you fall”

Willy Pozee also came out clear that his decision to do secular music didn’t destroy his relationship with God.

He strongly believed that he’d still receive blessings for his efforts.

” …God and I have not split . The thing is that the same God who blesses Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy is the same God that blesses Gospel artistes…as we speak, I’m free because what I am doing now is just Music with no boundaries. I’ll just wake up and feel like worshipping , I’ll just worship. If I feel like a love song, I’ll just sing.I don’t have to kneel down before anyone to get anything. That’s just not me.” The musician stated.

Here is why you will never pay ksh. 1000 to obtain HELB compliance certificate.

Higher education Loans Board (HELB) has dropped the ksh 1000 that one had to pay before being issued with a compliance certificate.

This is a relief to the many graduates who are seeking jobs as the document will be issued free of charge.

Chapter VI on Leadership and Integrity of the Constitution dictates that any person who applies for any public job must have the certificate as part of the requirements.

The certificate is important to institutions such as helb for purposes of determining an individual’s credit worthiness, social responsibility and integrity.

HELB says that several job seekers raised complaints about the fee prompting it to waiver.

“During various stakeholder engagements where HELB seeks feedback on citizen service delivery, it has repeatedly come to our attention that the charges for the non-loanee compliance certificate are perceived to be punitive, especially to the many unemployed youth who did not benefit from the student loans,” HELB chief executive officer Charles Ringera said in a statement.

Ringera said that several Kenyans have complained of challenges to do with unemployment, slow economic growth and high cost of livin’g.

The complain come amid retrechment that has hit almost all sectors due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Effective July 15, 2020 Kenyans will be able to freely access HELB compliance certificate from its website and e-citizen portal.

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Waiguru summoned for grilling by EACC detectives over tender irregularities.Will she survive this time

Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru has suffered double tragedy as Ethics and Anticorruption Commission detectives have summoned her for grilling next week on Wednesday.

Even though the Senate acquitted the governor in the past few weeks,it found out that there was a well ochestrated web of irregularities in Kirinyaga county tendering process.

This tragedy come at a time when Miss Waiguru has positioned herself as a possible successor to president Kenyatta in Mount Kenya region.

The grilling was supposed to take place this week but she requested that it be postponed.

Through the CEO Twalib Mbarak ,the commission agreed to have the “date” with Waiguru pushed to next week Wednesday ,but said that it would not be postponed any further.

“The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has accepted your request and postponed the date of the interview to Wednesday 22 July 2020 from 9am at Integrity Centre office, Nairobi. Take note that EACC will not postpone the interview any further,” EACC CEO Twalib Mbarak said

Mbarak is a former millitary detective and apparently ,he has tightened war against corruption.

Last week  in an interview with Citizen Television,he announced the imminent fall of two governors due to graft.

“In the next one or two months, we will have at least one or two governors charged.” Said Twalib.

According to sources,the EACC intends to thoroughly scrutinize all the contoversial procurement processes in Kirinyaga county.

“The imprests payments that MCAs raised in their petition are the main issue that concern her [Waiguru] though there are other issues,”a highly placed source at the EACC told the Star.

11 -member committee led by Senator Malala.The senate acquitted governor Waiguru but established well ochestrated graft in tenderin’g process.

During her impeachment motion,the wardreps claimed that Waiguru was paid travel allowance amounting to 10.6 million dealing not making a single trip.

Further ,they alleged that Waiguru presided over a corrupt and joint criminal enterprise by ensuring persons who had close association to her presided over the evaluation and award of tenders.

Put on the spot were the director of administration Pauline Kamau, Gichira Wayne, the governor’s ICT adviser and director of procurement Joseph Carilus Otieno.

“The committee noted that the circumstances under which Pauline Kamau was recruited raised a lot of questions. The said officer was not qualified to hold the office of director of administration and further that her recruitment was pushed through by the governor,” the Senate concluded

The Senate however said that there was no link between the governor and perpetrators of those involved in corrupt deals.

The Malala led 11 member committee said that it had unearthed enough evidence of graft in awarding tenders.

“The committee notes that it is apparent there exists a well-orchestrated and complex web of corruption in the tendering process at the county government of Kirinyaga. To this end, officers who are found culpable should take personal responsibility for their acts of omission or commission,” the committee said in its report.

It asked the EACC to investigate some of the allegations on tendering and report back within 60 days.

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15 Kenyan covid-19 positive truck drivers blocked from entering Uganda.

Ugandan authorities have blocked 15 Kenyan truck drivers who tested positive for corona virus,from entering their country.

They were tested at the Malaba boarder and the results turned out positive.

In total ,19 foreign truck drivers were subject to Covid-19 tests out of which 15 from Kenya, 2 from Congo and other 2 from Tanzania were found positive.

“Their entry into Uganda was not permitted,” a statement from Ugandan authorities read in part on Wednesday.

Ugandan authorities said the results of Covid-19 tests done on July 14, 2020 confirmed three new cases.

Out of the three,two are Ugandan truck drivers who came from Kenya via Malaba,Busia boarder while one is an alert from Kampala.

Cummulatively,Uganda has confirmed 1043 cases.

In May,president Museveni ordered that all foreign truck drivers be expunged from the tally.

The directive prompted the Health Minister to revise downwards the total number of Corona virus cases.

Jane Aceng said the count of all infected foreign lorry drivers would be added to their respective countries.

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Why governor Ngilu impeachment plans failed.

Plans to impeach governor Charity Ngilu flopped after a series of meetings and lobbying by Wiper party wardreps.

The MCA’s later withdrew after the mover of the motion,Mr.Peter Kilonzo failed to ganner the requisite two-thirds majority of 36 votes.

During the meeting ,those MCAs who were against Ngilu’s ouster tried by all means to convince their colleagues who were for the ouster to drop the plan.

Had the majority leader ,Peter Kalonzo succeeded in gannering just 6 remaining votes,the motion would have been successful.

Just hours to the D-Day ,attention was shifted to determining who between Ms Ngilu and former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper would command enough numbers to either pass or defeat the motion.

The wardreps decided not to gazzete the motion after it became apparent that 25 of them ,including some from Wiper party were on Ngilu’s side.

Initially ,Mr. Kilonzo had said that at least 40 MCA’s were in support of the motion.

The decision to to have the motion withdrawn was aimed at avoiding the embarrassment of losing.

Mr Kilonzo told a hurriedly convened press conference that he had notified Assembly Speaker George Ndotto of his decision to drop the motion from today’s order paper due to “unavoidable circumstances”.

He claimed that even some MCA’s that had agreed to support the motion couldn’t receive his calls as they had changed their minds.

Wiper enjoys a majority of 30 elected and nominated MCAs in the 54-member assembly, but two members – Mr Kasee Musya (Kisasi ward) and Mr James Musyoka (Kiomo Kyethani ward) — broke ranks with their party and announced they would oppose the motion.

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University of Nairobi Professor Succumbs to COVID-19

Few days after a Bungoma based doctor , Doreen Lugakili succumbed to Corona Virus, a Don who hails from the same county succumbed to the virus.

Maurice Kizito Mangoli was a Professor at the University of Nairobi before his demise.

He was a senior lecturer at the department of Electrical and Information Engineering at the University.

Governor Wycliffe Wangamati mourned the Don as an expert engineer and a seasoned teacher.

“…we have suffered the brunt of COVID-19 pandemic that continues to ravage the country. As we mourn our gallant kinsmen being felled by this disease, let us stay alert and adhere to the advice given by our medical experts..there has to be a radical shift in how we handle and interact with each other even as we pray for each other..”

These sudden deaths come after the partial opening of the economy as well as opening of Colleges was scheduled for September.

The move to partial opening in learning institutions was arrived at since enforcing social distance among young learners is challenging.

President Uhuru Kenyatta concurred that the last time when learning underwent interruptions was in 1982 during the coup when learning was deferred to the following year.

University scholars have turned to online classes as well as exams in a bid to combat the spread of the Corona Virus.

Recently, 80 law students from the University of Nairobi took to court to challenge the move by the University to deliver classes as well as examinations online.

They claimed that the Senate took to the same without any consultation.

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8 powerful Mt. Kenya leaders ready to succeed Uhuru Kenyatta.

At least 8 leaders from the vote- rich mount Kenya region have expressed interest in taking the baton from president Kenyatta come 2022.

Mwangi Wa Iria, Murang’a governor

Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria

Unknown to many is the fact that Wa Iria has secretly established presidential campaign centre complete with a secretariat at an upscale estate in Nairobi.

The move is however maintained “secret” so as not to be seen as opposing his party boss ,Mr. Kenyatta.

“He will contest the presidency. He has been very clear about that. This is his second term [as governor] and hence cannot contest for the seat again. He can only go up,” James Mwangi, the governors’ private secretary said.

In what many saw as a pull from jubilee party,Wa Iria in June last year registered Civic Renewal Party (CRP).

The parties headquarters named usawa house are located at Lavington in Nairobi.

Besides the Murang’a governor are other seven including:

  • Former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth
  • Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru
  • Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe.
  • Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri

Others who have also expressed interest include:

  • Former Justice Minister and Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua,
  • Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia
  • former presidential candidate Joseph Nyagah.

Nevertheless,Peter Kenneth has remained the  talk of the region even as he drum up support for the big seat from the region’s leaders.

Former Gatanga Mp. Peter Kenneth

It has been rumoured that President Kenyatta has been reaching out to Peter Kenneth in the much awaited cabinet reshuffle.

Kenneth has continued to intensify his political influence in the region.

“I am ready to help the President and I have been helping him so that in the next two years he can finish all that he wants to do to the people of Kenya. But when he retires, we the people of Mt Kenya have the largest population in Kenya. We have to be on the table,” Kenneth declared late last month.

While talking to the star Newspaper ,One of his closest political allies Alhajj Amin, however, told the Star that it’s the people who have asked Kenneth to take over the leadership mantle.

Amin is a younger brother to Suna East MP Junet Mohammed, a close ally of ODM Leader Raila Odinga.

He said that Kenneth will be in the front line to champion the Building Bridges Initiative Ralies in the mount Kenya.

According to Dr. Charles Nyambuga,a political commentator from Maseno University, Peter Kenneth stand a very high chance to take the mantle from Kenyatta.

“He is an older hand, more tried and tested by the key Mt Kenya politicos,” says the university don.

He added that for Waiguru,her rise to the top seat is fully dependent on how she plays her local politics.

The Kirinyaga governor survived an impeachment motion tabled by her MCA’s that sought to see her out on grounds of gross violation of the constitution and graft.

Kenneth has frequented Mount Kenya  as the chief guest in numerous projects launch.

Some of his allies include;
MPs Joseph Nduati (Gatanga)
Peter Kimari (Mathioya)
Gichuki Mugambi (Othaya)
Water PS Joseph Irungu
Education CAS Zack Kinuthia.

Decision to have Mr. Kenneth as My Kenya’s kingpin was birthed at a lunch meeting at Pan Afrique hotel.

In attendance were Speaker Justin Muturi, Agriculture CS Peter Munya, Governors Kiraitu Murungi (Meru), Ndiritu Muriithi (Laikipia) and Majority leader Amos Kimunya.

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Why private school teachers should not blame their institutions for the tough times they are undergoing.

If there is one thing that several private school teachers will remember Corona virus pandemic for,then it is the economic impact.

While many have lost their jobs,several others have been sent on unpaid as the schools entirely depend on school fees for paying them .

As a result of the financial crisis due to corona virus pandemic,many of the teachers have been ejected from their rented homes.

Majority are unable to take care of their medical bills probably because their institutions halted remittance of statutory deductions to National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).

In consequence ,the stranded teachers have resorted to menial jobs such as building and construction ,commonly known as mjengo, fishing ,farming and Hawking among others

Worst of all ,others have been thrown to very serious mental distress.

The institutions also have no reason to smile whatsoever as huge bills continue to accumulate ,something that is said could lead to total closure of many of them.

They (private schools) have further been pushed to the wall by education ministry stakeholders’ decision to push opening dates to early next year if the infection curve flattens.

Coupled with Professor Magoha’s directive to have institutions return second and third terms school fees ,they are further affected greatly.

Kisumu’s elite school is a perfect example  having sent home all 18 teachers on unpaid leave.

The director who doubles as the Kisumu county Secretary general Mr. Michael Oliech said that initially ,they thought they could receive part of Covid-19 fund ,part of which they would use to cushion teachers.

Because that has not been effected, they have no option but wait untill that time when schools shall re-open.

Victoria breeze academy was no exemption. The director , Methuselah Fridah said that the teachers they sent on unpaid have explored alternatives.

Subukia’s eagele Apex retained 6 teachers who were unable to raise rent after schools were closed. However,30 percent of its staff was sent home.

Prof Mirriam Kinyua, the proprietor of Kagaki Schools, said she has spent much of her savings on unavoidable expenses such as insurance policies and statutory deductions.

“I had a discussion with my staff. I am still remitting their NHIF and NSSF deductions on humanitarian grounds. I am avoiding a situation where one would fall sick and lack access to healthcare,” said Kinyua.

PCEA church sponsored  St. Nina’s school asked the parents for financial support by paying an advance school fees of 2000 to help run certain programmes in the schools and pay some bills.

 “Our humble request is for your financial support of Sh2,000 as advance school fees payment to facilitate urgent school programmes. The fees paid will be factored in the term during which the schools will reopen,” a circular to parents read.

The head teacher ,James Gathoga divulged that they have been struggling to meet its incurring its recurring expenses.

Embu’s Tenri primary school took away teachers allowances with a pay for the permanently employed staff but the casuals were laid off.

The school also took to online teaching besides asking parents to pay future fees at a discount.

Worse still,other schools have been forced to close. They say that even if schools shall re open there will be need for government’s bail out if they are to remain in the business.

Other schools asked the parents to consider transferring their children to other schools as they contemplated total closure of the Institutions.

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Uhuruto rivalry intensifies as Ruto allies accuse jubilee of embezzlement of party funds.

The battle between Uhuru and Ruto’s camps have shifted focus to jubilee’s finances with dp’s camp accusing the ruling party of misappropriation of funds.

The Dp’s camp has alleged that the ruling party lacks transparency and accountability ,has misappropriated party resources and there are chances that it is involved in graft.

The dp allies have therefore demanded that financial documents be presented to them ,without which they’ll go to court.

Jubilee secretary general however termed the move a desperate political posturing.

“I have received your letter in which you demand to be furnished with audited accounts of the Jubilee Party. You have signed off as the deputy secretary general.

“All these expose an extreme form of megalomaniac behaviour. Unfortunately, in this office, we do not have the capacity or qualification to deal with such malady,” said Tuju.

The deputy party leader of Jubilee is demanding a four year certified bank statements among other things.

Sources say that Kositany is one of the allies of Ruto that have been marked for ouster.

Kositany further alleged in an interview with one of the dailies that some time back in 2018,jubilee withdrew ksh 183 million in just a span of 6 months.

He said that despite not using the whole storey building where jubilee is based ,the party pays for it whole.

Kositany went ahead to say that jubilee party county offices are allocated millions as per the financial documents although they aren’t operational.

Further he claims that the party pays Sh67 million rent for the party headquarters, yet the space was initially passed off as a campaign gift.

He is now demanding a schedule of all county offices paid by the party for the last four financial years, complete with lease agreements.

“We demand the lease or tenancy agreement for the headquarters premises in Pangani interchange and schedule of all paid rent for the financial year 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020,” he stated.

“We demand copies of all expenditure incurred and paid for, for the financial year 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. Provide all schedules and sub-schedules thereto.”

In a quick reply, Tuju stated “In any case, you should be addressing such issues to the office of Alfred Kipkorir Mutai, who is the treasurer  and a member of NEC just like you.”

According to Tuju their financial documents are clean having been audited by the Auditor General.

“Currently, we are only waiting for the certificate from the new Auditor General for the period covering the accounts for 2018-2019,” Tuju stated.

He directed Kositany to go get the documents from the auditor general or registration of political parties as they are public.

He added that it is impossible for the party to receive political party funds without compliance.

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Jalang’o Replaces Andrew Kibe on Kiss100 Morning Show.

Felix Odiwour popularly known as Jalang’o has joined Kiss 100 as a presenter alongside the talented beauty, Kamene Goro.

Comedian Jalang’o and his co-host Kamene Goro

This move comes few days after Netizens speculated that the media personality would replace Andrew Kibe in his morning show between 6-10 A.M.

Kibe announced earlier on that he was quitting his job citing some disagreements, Netizens however went to an extent of blaming it on Jalang’o for Kibe’s job loss stating he was behind Kibe’s fall-out.

Jalang’o was however quick to defend himself .
” I’m trending at number one, today as we speak. The reason why I am trending at number one , Andrew Kibe who is a friend of mine amewacha job…watu wanasema niende KISS, Andrew amewacha kazi…”

Jalang’o went into his own defence stating that he had talked with Kibe and it came to his knowledge that he had some misunderstanding in his work place thus opting to leave his job.

“…Kibe ame resign job, I have just spoken to him akaniambia Kuna vitu mbili tatu hawakuskizana.”

Jalang’o lost his job at Milele FM in the wake of Corona Virus pandemic thus joining Radio Africa’s Kiss 100. Through an Instagram post, Kiss 100, welcomed the Veteran host.

“East or West home is best, Kiss Family. Help us welcome. ” The post read .

Jalang’o started his radio host career in the station alongside the talented Carol Mutuko.

He took to social media to remind Netizens that Kiss100 was his home after they claimed that he and English Language were two parallel lines.

” Na wanasema ati Kizungu ya Kiss100 Mimi siwezani nayo ,ati jokes zangu no dry… everyone saying that I can not be able to take over KISS, that is where we began. ” He stated.

He hosted his first radio show with Kamene Goro on Monday 13th July . Kamene was quite receptive to Jalang’o despite having great radio chemistry with Kibe.

” Good morning my loves! First things first! Tumkaribishe heavy J Baba @jalang’o haya twende kazi . #KameneAndJalas @Kiss100 Kenya” She posted on her timeline.

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Juja Bishop who escaped with someone’s wife murdered.

Body of the Bishop who ran away with a married woman has been found in thickets few metres from his kiganjo home in Thika subcounty this past Friday.

Mugweru ,62 years of age was the bishop of Joyspring Soul Winning Worship church.

Last year ,he was the talk of the Town after he allegedly snatched one of his follower’s wife together with three children.

It is said that he was taken from his home on the night of Thursday after which he was hit severally on the head to death.

He also sustained several cuts on the body.

The church for which he was a Bishop is located in his farm in Juja.

“We want justice for our slain brother, father and spiritual leader. Police should leave no stone unturned until they apprehend the assassins,” his brother Samuel Njuguna told journalists.

“I saw the body on my to work in Thika town but I did not recognise him. An hour later, I was called by neighbours who told me that he had been murdered.”

According to his brother Njuguna ,his slayers stole nothing ,making him feel that the killing was properly planned.

His followers led by Rev Lincoln Mwaniki, eulogised him as a calm and loving man.

The deceased was the pioneer of evalengical churches in Juja.

“He was a kind man who related well with people. That is why he managed to establish evangelical churches in Juja and other regions,” 

He asked the authorities to ensure that perpetrators of the act are arrested and charged.

Having been in marriage for 34 years ,2013 saw Mugweru and his wife Agnes Wangivi divorce.

They had been blessed with 3 children.

The lady that the Bishop took away from the husband had five children but only three agreed to accompany her to her “new husband” as two remained with their father.

Ironically,it his Mugweru who officiated the marriage of the couples only to snatch the wife later.

The bishop announced that at last he found peace with his new love as opposed to his wife who he accused of extramarital affairs and hatching plans to eliminate him.

 “She sold our vehicle and several cows and used the money to advance her adulterous escapades. I have also been living in fear in my own home because she threatened to kill me,” Mugweru alleged.

His body was taken to General Kago Funeral Home in Thika.

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Covid-19: Highest number of deaths recorded as cases hit 10,294

Ever since the pandemic struck Kenya,the highest number of fatalities has been recorded today.

Health Cabinet secretay ,Mutahi Kagwe announced that in the last 12 hours,12 deaths,all from Nairobi were recorded and the total cases rose to 10,294.

He said that 3 of the 12 died while the rest in the hospital, bringing the total number of fatalities to 197.

Today ,189 new cases were recorded in the last 24 hours, out of a sample size of 1205. The total number of samples stands at 216,242.

In terms of gender out off the total cases recorded today,106 were males while 83 females.

Agewise ,the youngest was 5 while oldest 71 years old.


Fortunately ,the total recoveries rose to 2946 after 65 patients recovered today.

Highest number(147) still,came from Nairobi.

Other cases were recorded in;

  • Kiambu-10
  • Machakos -11
  • Kajiado-5
  • Mombasa-2

Kagwe stated that owing to electronic challenges ,some samples ,collected in the past 24 hours are yet to be tested.

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