6 Remedies for irregular monthly period

Are you aware that simple lifestyle adjustments can help regulate your monthly “visitor”?

Let’s first get to know what irregular menstrual period is. On average, menstrual cycle is 28 days ,even though there may  be  variations from one lady to the other.

The 28 days are counted from the first day you receive your menses to the first day you subsequently receive it.

The menstrual cycle can come on the twenty forth or thirty-eighth day but would still  be considered regular. It becomes irregular when there is fluctuation in between the days.

To regulate the menstrual cycle;1.Check your weight Irregular menstrual cycle may  be as a result of both over or underweight, therefore putting your weight to check helps regulate it.
Heavier bleeding and pain all are associated with overweight.

2.Have time to sweat through exercise One of the measures to check your weight is through regular exercise. It is fundamental in the treatment of underlying health conditions  that might be the root cause of irregular periods.

Exercise reduces pain before and during the  menstrual periods.

3.Consider Yoga

Spare about forty minutes of your time weekly for Yoga. When carried out rightly for six months, it reduces the levels of  body chemicals that are responsible for irregular periods. Moreover, it  enhances a woman’s life generally by relieving pain, mood and anxiety.

4.Take in a lot of  Vitamins B and D rich foods. Irregular menses is also associated with reduced quantities of  vitamins B and D in the body. Taking meals rich in the two can immensely help in regulating the menstrual cycle.

Sources of vitamin D consists of sunlight, foods such as egg yolk, beef, liver, cheese and other foodstuffs fortified with the same.

Vitamin B sources includes; animal liver, kidney, beef, trout, eggs and dairy products fortified with the vitamin.

5.Include pinapples to your meal The fruit contains certain enzymes that softens the uterine wall and regulate periods. Take at least eighty grams servings of pinapple fruits a day and you will have a reason to smile.

6.Take ginger soup This unique herb has been used to treat a number health conditions including allergies. It relieves pain that precedes menstrual cycle, mood, bodily and behavioral symptoms.

It is advisable to take about 200 mg of ginger powder for the first three to four days of your cycle to avoid or relieve pain.

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