8 Benefits of Covid-19 pandemic you must know.

In as much as Coronavirus pandemic has had ravaging effects since its outbreak in China’s Wuhan, it is worth noting the positive side of it.

1. The world has come to realize the benefits of home remedies to diseases.
Latest  of all is the Madagascar’s Covidorganics that allegedly has cured many. Despite criticism,especially from Wold Health Organisation ,at least it is a stride made. Better try and fail than not trying at all.

2. Reduction in air pollution. With a ban on travelling as one of the intervention measures, air pollution has significantly reduced. Both automobile and air travels have been for a period halted in some countries meaning no emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere.

3.people have learned to keep hygiene.
Hand washing using alcohol- based hand rub or soap,respiratory hygiene, avoiding crowded places, avoiding touching nose, eyes and ears have all been the norm.

General sanitation has helped keep off other ailments besides Corona itself, for example typhoid. Some of these important practices are likely to live with us even after the virus vanishes.

4. African nations now have a chance to grow.
Unlike in the past when African leaders sought medical services from overseas, not one of those countries is willing to admit any foreigners presently.

Their boarders are closed and focus shifted entirely to their taxpayers. This means that Africa has no option but to better its own health system.

5. Corporates have realized that working from home is possible.
The lockdown has proved that productivity suffers not even when employees execute some duties from home. In fact,some companies argues that working from home cuts cost immensely.

6. Growth of online businesses
With communication sectors not seriously affected by the pandemic, the lockdown has seen emergence of many bloggers in different niches, affiliate marketers and online businesses.

If you think this is a lie, have you not received the “work from home at the comfort of your living room” kind of texts?

7. Children have gotten full parental attention.
With the post-modern busy economy, so engrossed in jobs have parents been to the extent of having little or no time for their children. Presently, if a parent must leave for work, then by 7pm he is likely back to the house cuddling the kids or the partner.

8. Reduction in road accidents.
Majority of people are locked down in their homes with the number travelling being so low. Public service vehicles also carry less number of passengers than before.

Drivers therefore are not in a hurry to get more passengers which means no over speeding and overloading. The latter two have been the root cause of casualties on our roads.

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