Men:here is why your “balls”could be shrinking and how to correct it.

Have you ever looked at your balls and what you see resembles a bag of worms? Is this accompanied by pain that increase when standing but reduces when you lie on your back?

The signs and symptoms above describes a condition of the testicles called varicocele.

Your “nuts” are held in a skin cover sac called scrotum. Within the scrotum are blood vessels that supplies blood to the testicles.

Sometimes, the vessels are blocked thus interfering with blood flow to the testicles. It therefore collects at one point of the vessels leading to swelling. This is varicocele.

The condition is similar to swollen vains that normally occur at the back of legs of many men. This one however occur in the testicles.

Varicocele begin when one reaches puberty. It gradually progresses,unnoticed at times.

How do you know you have varicocele?

It is important to take note of the following signs and symptoms;

  • A pain in the scrotum that keeps recurring.
  • The pain increases when you are standing but reduces when you lie on your back.
  • The scrotum appearance becomes similar to that of a bag containing worms.
  • An abnormal mass in one of your testicles.
  • Infertility.This might arise due to the local temperatures in and around the testicles being so high that it affects formation,movement and functionality of sperms.

What are some home remedies of varicocele?
1. Take a lot of antioxidants and foods rich in fibres. Antioxidants includes blueberries, strawberries,raspberries Cales ,red cabbage and beans.

Fibre foods includes:potatoes with skin,nuts and seeds whole grains and fruits.

2.Put on a supportive underwear. This help reduce swelling ,backflow of blood and pain.

3.Exercise regularly to enhance blood flow.

4.Run cold water over the testicles Do this for 15 to 30 seconds to reduce testicular temperature.Be careful not to overcool the balls.

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