Do away with stretch marks using these simple domestic remedies.

Stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretch marks occur when there is a rapid change in skin’s shape as a result of weight loss or gain.

The condition is experienced by both genders. In males ,it is common amon’g weight lifters whilst in females,they more often than not manifest before, durin’g or after pregnancy.

The marks can manifest on the breasts ,thighs, butts or any other part of the body.

Stretch marks heals naturally although some remedies can be used to quicken the process.

What precisely causes stretch marks?
1.Changes in body weight.
When you gain weight rapidly, there is stress in the skin. It will therefore stretch out to accommodate the increased body mass.

Similarly ,stretch marks can appear when there is rapid loss of body weight.

Certain families have a record of stretch marks. If you Currently have the marks,with just right body weight and no pregnancy,chances are that it was passed to you through the parents.

While men too do have stretch marks,It is more frequent amon’g females.

5.Certain underlying health conditions

During the second and third trimesters,there tends to be a speedy increase in growth of the body,especially around hips,thighs and abdomen.

The increase in strain as a result ,can cause stretch marks in these particular areas.

7.Rapid growth of muscles.
Weight lifting encourages muscles to develop and grow within a very short time resutin’g  to red stretch marks.

Stretch marks on a weightlifter’s skin

Having stretch marks should not be a big deal. However, if you desire to do away with them,use some of the strategies below:

Take a cup of sugar and mix with 1/4 cup of either almond or coconut oil. To this mixture,add some wet beach sand .

Add some portions of lemon juice and stir to mix uniformly.

Rub this mixture on the affected area .
Do the same releatedly especially after bathing ,approximately for 10 minutes throughout the week.

b)Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has a healing effect that makes it useful in treatment of many skin conditions.

To take away the red appearance of the marks,rub a virgin coconut oil on the affected area.

In its herbal state, alloevera heals and softens the skin.Apply an extract every day on the affected part,preferably after shower.

d)Vitamin A rich foods.
This vitamin is vital in making the skin have a youthful appearance.

Eat a lot of vegetables such as carrots,sweet red pepper and kales. Animal products such as lamb liver, liver sausage,beef liver are also rich in vitamin A.

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