8 Science -backed home remedies for stomach ulcers.

After trying some of these domestic treatments for a couple of weeks, I finally said goodbye to stomach ulcers.

What causes stomach ulcers? Ulcers develops when the mucous lining of the stomach is “eroded” exposin’g it to digestive acids.

These can vary ,however ,the most common of all is a bacterium that acts on inner walls of the stomach leaving it exposed to digestive acids.

Stress and practices such as immoderate alcohol consumption and smoking are some of the causes of ulcers.

Locally bought medications such as brufen and aspirin can also cause stomach ulcers when used over and over again.

Irrespective of the cause of your ulcers, you can try some of these remedies;

Honey has been recognized for its medicinal properties since time immemorial.

It is essential in prevention and treatment of countless health conditions including ulcers.

Moreover, honey has anti-bacterial property necessary for fighting the bacteria that causes ulcers.

Take a table spoon full of unprocessed honey a day in the morning and at night. Do this until the signs disappears.

When taken in proper proportions, garlic can assist heal ulcers due to its microbial properties.

In case you are scared of mouth smell after eating it, consider taking the extracts.

Garlic however interacts with some medications. subsequently, you need to seek advice from your medical doctor before the usage of it.

This treasured vegetable has contents that heals the mucous lining of the stomach by increasing blood flow to it.

You can take uncooked cabbage juice or eat two cups of the same every day for three weeks.

I bet you are smiling at the mention of yoghurt if you are a lady. It contains essential and helpful microorganisms that inhibits the action of ulcer-causing bacteria.

Take a cup of yogurt in the morning. You need however to keep away from the sweeteners.

5.High fiber content fruits vegetables and complete grains.
Fibre slows down the rate at which the stomach is emptied.
For this reason, it reduces the action of digestive acids on the stomach lining.

6.Turmeric This spice is pretty cherished for its medicinal properties.It increases the rate at which mucous is secreted on the stomach walls therefore lowering irritation from digestive acids.


Besides, it prevents damages that would possibly be because of the causative bacteria.

Take four mg. of turmeric 4 times a day for better results.

7.Chilli peppers.
According to the current research, chili does not cause or increase ulcers but eliminates it. This goes against your earlier belief right?

It consists of substances that reduces secretion of acids in the stomach.Chillies also hastens blood supply to the stomach walls.

8.Exercise regularly You can do yoga poses to relieve bloat that is associated with ulcers. An instance is a torso twist.

Torso twist,a type of yoga pose

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