Infidelity:Is this the reason why your partner cheated on you?

It is quite common nowadays for a person to get into extra marital affairs.What exactly is the cause?

1.Need to have a variety.
Many people cheat, not in response to an existing problem in their current relationship but because they want to have a taste of something new.

This can be driven by desire to have a feel of new conversation styles, sexual styles or a “back up” just in case.

Despite bein’g in a relationship,others still can feel strong attraction to others. while some strive to control this ,majority cannot overcome hence end up in extramarital affairs.

Many men cite this as the sole reason for their unfaithfulness in relationship.

Many people will feel confident or excited when they have sex with a different person especially if this other person appears “classy”.

These feelings boost their ego. To some ladies, admiration from a perceived romantic guy is just too exciting to decline.

They will therefore give in to his demands so as to feel associated with his class.

It feels good and confident for example when people whispers “huyu ndio dame wa kevo” when Kevo is someone admired by many.

3.Revenge or anger. You will concur with me that majority of ladies have mastered this art so well.

One may cheat to punish the partner or to enact revenge for offending them in a similar manner. “He hurt me, I want to show him” is what goes through that mind before launching a retaliatory attack.

A wife’s intention in such situations is to make him feel hurt the same way she did when she was cheated on.

In connection to this, other factors that can also motivate infidelity includes:

  • frustration after an argument ,
  • when a partner doesn’t have a lot to give
  • Getting frustrated especially when your other seems not to be understanding you and your needs,
  • Your patner not being around often.

4.Sexually addictive behaviour. Some people are driven to extra marital affairs due to addictive desire to have sex.

Maybe in their official relationship they are not having the frequency, styles or a particular sexual behaviours that they desire.

Ironically ,even some with more fullfilling sexual relationships still look for more sexual satisfaction and exploration from others. This comes as a result of a strong desire to do so.

5.Unmet needs. Infidelity is sometimes driven by unmet needs. Your patners emotional expectations might not be met in a relationship leading to frustrations when theres no improvement at all.

Frustrations can also result when one patner has no interest in sex ,is always away or has different sexual drive. In such a situation the frustrated other might look for all these elsewhere.

6.Lack of commitment. Some people opt for a very casual relationship with less commitment.

Anyone who is not committed to a relationship is likely to cheat.

7.Boredom. Do you recall how exciting it was, receiving a text from your patner when the relationship was still new and fresh? With the passing of time is the excitement still alive ?.

To spice up marriage ,some people opt to get into new relationships that still come with such thrill.

8.Having an opportunity to cheat. Some patners will get into extramarital affairs just because there is abundant opportunity to do so.

Take a look at this scenario: you are frustrated ,your better-half is away and a cute neighbor comes and expreses attraction to you then promises to come over.

It might take just sometime before you get horizontal if not held back by some factors.

Having looked at reasons above, let me underscore to you that shame and loss of respect accompanies infidelity.

Why did you get married if you were not ready to be faithful? Think about it.

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