Latest on George Floyd murder:Anti-racism protests escalates in UK

Photo courtesy of BBC: Protesters matchin’g to the US embassy in Vauxhall

According to the BBC,Several people on Saturday filled the cities of Sheffield Manchester London and Cardiff to protest the brutal killing of a black-George Floyd.

Regardless of officials advicing against gathering because of corona virus, London ,the protesters together chanted “no justice no peace ” black lives matter” after a minute of silence while kniling.

Dame Cressida Dick , an official ,said that the protest had been declared unlawful despite its continuity.

At first, the protests were peaceful.Situations however changed in the evining when chaos were witnessed outside Downing street.

The protesters had come to London town in their thousands equiped with facemasks and gloves on.

According to a write up by one of the protesters, there was a virus so big imcomparable to corona and that was racism.

The genesis of the protests was in the united states after the emergence of a video of a blackman bein’g arrested by police officers.

protesters with placards written “black lives matter” “my life matter”

In the video, a white police officer was seen kneeling on unarmed Floyd’s neck.

The victim panted in pain in an attempt to express his incapability to breathe. At that same time, George was in handcuffs.

In Watford -his homeland, British world celebrated heavyweight champion boxer ,Anthony Joshua expressed his displeasure with the killings and racism.

He adviced the protesters that it was high time they stopped keeping quiet on the sensless killing and sly racism on other human being .

In central london, protests were held outside the Us embassy.

Fists held high in the air and a knee on the ground,they chanted “silence is violence” and “colour is not a crime”.

In manchester on the other hand, the protesters gathered despite the city mayor’s warnin’g while keeping placards bearing initials BLM (black lives Matter). They san’g in unison.

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