COVID-19 : Why Kenya may not be hard hit.

Kenya may not be hard hit by COVID-19 pandemic. Says experts.

According to the star newspaper, amon’g the reasons given includes Kenya’s youthful population with stronger immunity ,warm weather and immunity gains as a result of exposure to similar diseases in the past.

While comparing the countries that have experienced massive ravagin’g effects of the virus ,the experts ruled out inadequate testing as a reason for low numbers of COVID-19 cases in Kenya.

In comparison to Europe and America’s soaring deaths and infections despite the stringent lockdown and other measures, African cases are still low.

Many public health practitioners in Africa have continued wondering the reasons behind African low COVID-19 infections and deaths.

According to Dr. Mark Nanyingi an epidemiologist at the university of Nairobi and Kariuko Njenga of Washington state university, part of the reason is the Kenyan youthful population.

Kenya’s mean age is 20 years ,Nigeria 18 compared to Italy median age of 45 years and 38 years in the US.

Other scientists who gave their thoughts on the matter included Jeanette Dawa (uon) CF Otieno (jk uat) John Gachohi, Isaac Ngere ,Michael Letko ,Bronwyn Gunn and Eric Osoro all of the Washington State University Global Health Programme in kenya.

The scientists also cited the warm weather in kenya between December and April as part of the reasons for low spread of the disease in kenya.

A recent analysis study that compared effects of temperature on covid-19 cases accross 204 affected countries revealed that countries with higher temperatures reported lower cases while those with lower temperatures served as the disease hotspot.

Does this therefore mean that the cases in kenya could rise when cold weather sets in?

Temperatures are expected to be low this week with most areas in kenya being cold and dry for the next three months according to the meteorological department.

The experts also hypothesised that africa has to some extent been “immune” to covid 19 due to earlier exposure to other corona viruses.

According to the world health organisation, more than 5.27 cases have been reported.

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