Shock after a man kills daughter in Nyamira for not sharing a bed with him.

There was shock in Nyamira county after a man hacked his daughter aged four ,after the mother declined his intentions to have him share a bed with the young girl.

The deceased had a twin brother who on the fateful day was not present at home.

According to the standard newspaper, the young girl met her untimely death  after her mother failed to give in to a sleeping plan proposed by the father.

According’g to Mr. Amos Mariba, Nyamira county commissioner, the couple had a quarrel and when bedtime elapsed, the 40-year-old man insisted on sleeping in a separate bed with his daughter.

The mother,Lilian Kwamboka however declined the plan.

Angered by this,the man moved the young girl to a different room and landed on her with a matchete inflicting very deep cuts in her head.

The mother who rushed in to help was unlucky as the heinous act was executed so fast.She also sustained some injuries on the head during the fuss.

Family quarrel
The area Chief,Mr .Pius Cheluget said the family has had a history of quarrel.

Kwamboka had just returned from a two weeks stay at her matrimonial home after they separated. It is sad that she was welcomed by her daughter’s death.

The chief added that in the many instances that the couple was engaged in a disagreement,his office chipped in to counsel.

He also said that the village elders had recommended a mutual separation in the family.

The mother reported that other children have been livin’g in fear of their father due to his abusive character.

They had refused to accompany her back home,where the father was.

Owing to the nature of the crime executed by the man, he was taken to psychiatrist for a test

The man had a history of mental illness according to the area Chief.

The suspect has since been arrested and is awaitin’g arraignment to court today.The police is yet to find the tool used in the killin’g.

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