Pierre Nkurunziza: Life history.


Pierre Nkurunziza was born on 18th December the year 1963 in Burundi’s capital Bujumbura.

He grew up in Ngozi province in Northern Burundi. His mom was a Tutsi while the father a Hutu.

During the 1972 wave of tribal clashes that claimed more than 10,000 Tutsi and Hutu lives ,Nkurunziza’s father was also killed.

Before the demise, his father had served as a governor of two provinces.

Nkurunziza attended a primary school in his home location then proceeded to secondary school in the central district of Gitega.

He then joined the university of Bujumbura where he pursued Bachelor’s degree in physical education.

Nkurunziza graduated in 1990 then later served as a highschool teacher while at the same time being an assistant lecturer at the Bujumbura university.

Political rise and rebellious activities. In the year 1993, war broke between Hutu revolt groups and Tutsi dominated army.

In 1995 when army attacked the university campus and killed 200 people, he dodged death by a whisker.

He later joined forces for the defence of democracy (FDD) after escaping and became so lively in the conflict.

FDD was an armed wing of a Hutu armed crew the National Council for the Defence of Democracy.

In absentia ,Nkurunziza was sentenced to death by a Burundian court for his defiance in 1998.

CNDD-FDD broke in the late Nineties into two factions with Nkurunziza as the chairman of one of the factions.

He later took advantage of his role and signed piece agreements with president Domitien.

Through this ,he was shielded from being prosecuted.

In 2004, he joined the then cabinet as the minister for right governance.

CNDD-FDD later grew to be a respectable official political party and won victory in the July parliamentary election under Nkurunziza’s leadership.

He was nominated for the presidential elections and was sworn in to the office on the August 25th 2005 having emerged victorious in August 19th 2005 general elections.

Since 2005 he has been the president of Burundi ( third terms )although his third term re-election was marred with a lot of controversies.

Pierre Nkurunziza died of heart attack yesterday after doctors’ attempts yo revive him bore no fruits.

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