Covid 19: President Magufuli was “right,” Trump’s actions confirms.

A few months ago ,President of Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli came to limelight for defying precautionary measures against Corona virus.

Mr. Magufuli who has been consistently calling upon his citizens to carry on with their lives as usual was globally castigated. Apparently America’s Trump is now treadin’g the same path.

Despite the escalation of the Corona virus pandemic in the United States of America,President Trump has insisted on opening up the country,come what may.

According to him, the virus reduced just to the “embers” and “ashes” of a spent pandemic as the states aggressively open up.

According to reports by the CNN,the actual figures however shows the opposite.

At least 112,000 people have died of the pandemic with Tuesday alone recordin’g 1229 deaths.

The same way the President met the first 100,000 deaths of citizens of the United states with reluctance, he is hesitant in markin’g these deaths.

He has been seen in many occasions traversing the country without a face mask, a very bad example by a head of state especially at this time of Pandemic.

Despite Health Officials warning against social gathering,Trump is planning a rally in Oklahoma and in other four states where the Covid cases keep risin’g.

The head of the Whitehouse corona virus Taskforce ,Vice President Mike Pence,
on Wednesday tweeted a photo of his visit to crammed-together campaign workers.

Accordin’g to the photo none of those were wearing masks or social distancing. Later,he deleted the photo.

Republican governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas said that Americans are on the move ,they can neither be tied down nor restrained.

But such decisions comes without the honest, unprejudiced advice of a President whose most quintessential duty is to hold Americans secure and who has suppressed the capacity of public health officials to talk to the nation from an authoritative White House backdrop.

The president’s electoral plans seems to be in defiance of the notion of a prolonged battle against a virus that is the “worst nightmare” of the government’s top infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci.

It is now clear that the president and other governors have loosened some bolts in controlling the pandemic but rather wants Americans to live with it.

Ironically,the head of state has not discussed such moves with anybody.He has neither made clear the cost nor formula for reopening the nation that accordin’g to him have “prevailed ” over the disease.

In the past few months,Tanzania’s president was globally castigated for not implementin’g lock down and social distancin’g.

It is so ironical that many countries including America under Trump’s administration are treading the same path.

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