National and County govenments finally agree on the terms for re-opening the economy.

President uhuru kenyatta convened a national and county governments meeting at the statehouse.

During the meeting, an agreement on covid -19 response measures that should be put in place before gradual opening of the country from lockdown was reached.

According to citizen television, the measures which are aimed at safeguarding kenyans against the detrimental health and socioeconomic influences of covid-19 consist of the attainment of a country wide 30 500 isolation bed potential within a month.

The third extra-ordinary session of the countrywide and county governments co-ordination summit set the goal of 300 isolation beds for every county with the aim of dealing with the rising instances of infections.

Out of 47 counties ,35 have got cases of covid-19 infections.

Besides raising the isolation bed capacity, the meeting tasked county governments to evaluate their fiscal and strategic plans for the 2020 to 2021 financial year to include covid-19 prevention and control measures.

The meeting was also attended by the deputy president Dr.william Ruto.

To tackle the developing public pressure to re-open churches and other worship places ,the summit resolved to involve the council of governors in the ongoing consultations being undertaken by an inter-faith council.

So as to make certain ,the smooth re-opening of colleges and other learning institutions the summit also agreed to involve the council of governors in the ongoing education sector stakeholder consultations.

The consultations led by education cabinet secretary Proff. George Omore Magoha will lead to provision of a new calendar in line with the current presidential directive to re-open learning institutions come September this year.

The summit resolved to reconvene on wednesday next week to have a review of:

suggestions for the gradual re-opening of the economy,
containment measures presently in place;
and protocols for the modern re-opening of places of worship

president kenyatta advised both levels of government to work in close consultation with one another with a view to coming up with appropriate solutions to health and economic crisis as a result of covid-19 pandemic.

The president also stated that those who framed the 2010 constitution understood the need for kenyans to have well-equipped health services nearer to them hence healthcare devolution.

He however pointed out that the the same drafters of the constitution were cognizant of the fact that the two levels of government must come together during a crisis in order to come up with amicable solutions for emergencies such as the covid-19 pandemic.

He said that the covid-19 health disaster provides a very good  opportunity for Kenya to improve its healthcare ,”a blessing in disguise ,”he described it.

Health cabinet secretary mutahi kagwe in his remarks applauded governors for working closely with his ministry in the combat towards covid-19 .

Mr. kagwe asked the governors to emulate machakos county which he said has commissioned jua kali artisans to fabricate covid-19 isolation beds.

He added that the ministry of health will proceed to work very closely with county governments so as to ensure theres a win-win outcomes in every part of the country.

Treasury Cs Ukur Yattani on his side stated that his ministry was in the process of assessing the influence of the covid-19 crisis on the economy.

In his technical briefing ,acting director general of health Dr. Patrick Amoth said that to defeat covid-19, community preparedness is key.

He added that Homecare approach as prescribed by World Health Organization (WHO) is the way to go so as to ease the stress of the rising infections on health facilities.

Dr.amoth further said that home care should be translated into kiswahili to enhance a deeper understanding by the citizens.

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