Abenny Jachiga:What exactly caused the death?

Lovers of Ohangla music and entertainment industry at large on 11th  woke up to the sad news of the demise of a veteran Ohangla Musician,Abenny Jachiga.

He was admitted to st.Jairus Hospital on June 10th at 6pm and died at dawn the following day.

Cause of death
The cause of death has remained unclear.Nevertheless, the relatives said that before his demise, Jachiga had suffered pneumonia and a cough.

Yesterday ,healthcare providers took samples to establish the cause of his death. A health care worker who sought anonymity said that they were waiting for samples to establish the cause of Abenny’s death.

Back to the lake side City . His brother Austine Omondi said that Jachiga fell sick on June 5th while in Nairobi.

Omondi added that on 3rd this month,his brother went to Nairobi for some business and came back to Kisumu on Saturday.

The question therefore becomes ,how he managed to get back to the lake City in the face of the current Lockdown in Nairobi.

Sources said that Abenny travelled back to his home in Chiga ,Kisumu East sub county in Kisumu County.

At the hospital . He was first admitted to a local hospital then later transferred to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Chiga a day after.

He then went home from the hospital ,after which a private doctor’s service was sought.

According to his brother ,Omondi, he complained of stomachaches.He added that some spots were also seen on his body.

At 2am ,Jachiga developed breathing complications after bein’g rushed to st.Jairus hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The brother added that he coughed blood,with constant complains about chest pains.

Abenny Jachiga in a past event

New songs launch
Before the Corona outbreak,Jachiga had recorded about 5 songs that were to be launched ,if there was no interruptions by the pandemic.

Amon’g his mentors includes Lady Maureen.He also stayed with Jakadenge before starting his own band which was common in the former GWARA GWARA club in Kondele.

His music career is traced back to when he was 22 years of age.

You will not talk of Abenny Jachiga minus mentionin’g the hit son’g Kasinde (Her cousin) which was released in mid 2018.

Other songs of his includes:
  Penzi ni Kama yai
  Bana basembo
  Usidharau mwenzio
  Pacha lal
  Maraga Odagi
  Amilo Nyaseme
  Duogie dala
  Simba manyo wendo

Sources revealed that Jachiga mentored many artists includin’g
Lawy Jakabonyo, Boss wuod Nyasembo, Awilo Jakatolo and pianist Osto.

Death of one of his dancers
In a past occurrence ,one of his dancers , Vivian Nyathi Abandu died while attempting to rescue her firstborn daughter – Christine – who had fallen into a sewage system and was being swept away by the raging waters.

Attempts to force entry to Port Florence hospital
Chaos erupted when a group of Ohangla fans tried to force entry to the hospital to view his body.The police however dispersed them using teargas canisters.

Amon’g the celebrities who mourned Abenny includes Kenyan Comedian Jalas,
       He said.“Rest well Nyakwar Jabilo!  sad day! Your last performance at Luo Festival was lit…Go well my brother and friend Abenny Jachiga,” wrote Jalang’o.”

*Nind gi kwe wuod luo*

One thought on “Abenny Jachiga:What exactly caused the death?”

  1. God restore the broken heart of the family of the late Jachiga. We still needed you too although you never alerted as your departure time we loved you Osiepwa. Rest in peace 🙏💯🙏💔

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