Quick facts about the late Abenny Jachiga every fan must know.

Actual and stage names.

His real name is Benard Obonyo. “Abenny” is crafted from Bennard to make it stylish as he loved good thin’gs while Jachiga simply mean “from Chiga”

Hit son’g
His hit son’g Mano Kasinde gannered 1.25 million views after being uploaded to you tube in 30th may 2018.

In the song,Abenny sing’s that some women are in the habit of flirting with several men,who they refer to as cousin’s when questioned by their husbands or boyfriends.

Wife and Children
He has left behind a wife and two kids,a boy and a girl.
The boy is in class three while the girl four.

Onset of his music career
His music career is traced back to when he was 22 years of age.
At the time of his death ,he had sung several songs including “maraga Odagi” in which he highlighted some ills by the government that led to cancellation of August 2017 elections.

Chaos at the hospital
Chaos erupted immediately his fans learnt of his demise in Port Florence hospital in Kisumu.

In the melee,a perimeter wall around a section of the hospital was brought down.

The hospitals administration were prompted to contact the police who dispersed the roudy youths with teargas canisters.

Energetic mourners.
Mourners treked more than 20 km to get to his home in Chiga,which was highly guarded by police officers.

They evaded the Kisumu CBD and Kondele and instead used Obote road to Mowlem through Rabuor -Chiga road and finally to Kadiju where burial was to occur.

High tension during his burial.
His burial was characterised by high tension.It all began when his body was being taken to Mowlem for burial.Police had difficult time,controlling the mourners.

In a video and photos doin’g rounds in social media,some youths insisted that Abenny “ok Nyal ik kaguok” translated as “Abenny cannot be buried like a dog.

In the video,some youths are seen refilling the already dug grave.

Angry youths fillin’g an already dug grave

Kisumu County government pledged ksh50,000.
The county government of Kisumu pledged ksh 50,000 to facilitate the burial of the veteran musician although the family manged to collect only ksh32,000  in a fundraiser.

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