Why Abenny Jachiga was not buried as planned.

Abenny Jachiga’s home was yesterday turned into a battlefield as several mourners stopped the burial of the veteran Musician.

In the melee,several people were left injured.

The defiant mourners hijacked a burial ceremony in his home in Chiga ,prompting the police to shoot in the air and lobe teargas carnisters to disperse them.

Unbelievably,the mourners were armed with spades,clubs,stones and hoes as they demanded that the burial be postponed to a later date in order to give Jachiga a decent burial.

One would question why a club has to be carried to a burial ceremony.

They wondered why the burial had to be hastened by the police when Bennard did not die of Corona virus.

The mourners went ahead to prevent the family members from taking the body to the grave ,what some luo elders view as a curse.

Within no minute,the mourners filled the already dug grave with soil then camped at the grave side chanting as the police held the body at a nearby school where viewing was on going.

They however accused the police of “hiding” the body. A mourner said that they would camp at the grave side untill the hidden body is brought by the police.

An elder by the name Agalo was stunned at the actions.He said that a grave once dug can never be filled without a body inside and that doing so might be a curse to the family members.

At 3 pm ,the police officers attempted to bury the body themselves after dispersing the mourners with teargas carnisters.

Their efforts were in futility as the mourners pelted them with stones.The officers were forced to flee together with the pastor with whom they came.

The mourners then matched with the body, atop a tuktuk back to St. Elizabeth mogue.

“They have dispersed us. They have tried to remove the soil from the grave and bury the body but we have refused. There will be no burial today,” said a relative of the musician.

A resident named James Obonyo confirmed that the mourners had taken possession of the body and that no burial would take place.

Kisumu County commander termed the actions unfortunate saying that the police officers were only deployed to ensure the body got home.

On her side,the mother of the veteran musician Monica Auma pleaded with the security officers to have her mourn her son for at least two days.

Similar chaos had been witnessed at Port Florence hospital when irate youths and Ohangla fans tried to force their way into the hospital where the body was.

Apparently,part of the cascette was damaged during the fracas ,something that angered the elders ,laying bare part of Jachiga’s body.

Attempts to repair the coffin with the body inside bore no fruits.

The attendance of the burial contravened the Covid 19 guidelines which states that a burial is supposed to be attended by close family members and relatives whose number should not exceed 15.

Ironically ,what was witnessed in Jachiga’s burial was a mammoth crowd.

Fresh details however shows that the body was finally laid to rest at night under very heavy security surveillance.

Before then,some mourners promised to exhume the body if the police went ahead to bury.

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