Police chopper, registration 5Y-NPW, crash in Meru.

A police chopper crashed in Kaithe Kithoka area in Meru county after developin’g mechanical problem.

The accident occurred on Saturday mornin’g when the chopper was ferrying a security team to Marsabit.

According to the star Newspaper,on board were Eastern Regional commissioner and his security team. 

They were headed to North Eastern for a joint security meetin’g.

Onlookers ,whose curiosity sharpened flocked to Kithooka forest but the police arrived at the scene to control them.

According to police spokesperson Mr.Charles Owino,the chopper had six occupants, 2 pilots and 4 passengers-all members of Eastern Security committee.

Three of those who were on board sustained minor injuries while one was seriously injured.

They are currently admitted to Meru Level 5 hospital.

Mr.Owino added that an Air force chopper has been dispatched to airlift them to Nairobi.

The owner of the farm where the chopper crash landed said that his entire farm produce was destroyed and that he expects no harvest .

On the farm were bananas and other crops.

The land owner further noted that prior to the crash,the chopper hovered over the same spot.

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