The Cry of a disappointed Luo.

Two occurances prompts luo as an ethnic group to ask why some of their beloved ones are given inhumane send-off.

Recent of the instances, is the controversial burial of Ohangla Maestro, Bennard Obonyo popularly known as Abenny Jachiga.

The family members are still shocked at how and when the musician’s burial was conducted.

Jachiga was buried at dawn by people less known to the family members but believed to be police officers.

Accordin’g to the Sunday Standard, some people armed with guns and in their company ,able bodied men stormed St.Elizabeth Hospital morgue and went away with the body.

They then proceeded to his home where they burried at 2:30 am.

Angered by this,some family members and mourners,especially the youth threatened to exhume the body after such an inhumane burial.

To avoid this ,the mother of the deceased and some relatives includin’g his wife Belinda Aluoch sat on the grave.

James Oyugi
If your memory serves you right,I believe a similar occurrence ,a couple of weeks ago in Siaya county, Kamalunga village, Simur Kondiek sublocation  are still fresh in your mind.

According to a video clip that widely circulated on social media ,two mortuary attendants are seen arrivin’g in a white pickup.

They then get out ,grab the Kenya Ports Authority Worker’s  body and throws to the grave with some women heard weeping uncontrollably in the background.

In fact ,one of the women is heard askin’g “Mano an’gomuwitono? (What is that you’ve thrown away)

The 59 year old James Oyugi had travelled from Mombasa in the company of his wife and two daughters.

They spent in Nairobi and later proceeded to his home in siaya but was involved in an accident at Awasi.He later got home through Kisumu where he also made a stop.

Here comes the irony.
John Nzenze.
Not so many kilometres from Chiga,Kisumu City is Vihiga county where  burial of a musician ,John Nzenze was also taking place.

On this side however, situations were totally different.His  was devoid of the drama witnessed in Abenny’s burial.

The “twist” genre of music maestro was pronounced dead at Mukumu Mission Hospital where he had been battling high blood pressure and stomach ulcers.

You cannot mention Nzenze’s name without touchin’g on his 1960’s hit son’g Angelike twist.

He was later laid to rest in Muhindu Ward of Hamisi subcounty.

It is apparent that both burials occurred at a time when Kenya,like other countries ,is battlin’g Corona virus.

Stringent measures including social distancing ,hand sanitizin’g and use of face masks in public places have been put in place to combart the pandemic.

However,According to the World Health Organizati guidelines,bodies of Covid 19 Victims are not infectious.

Why would the government rush burials especially in luoland as witnessed in the two instances?

Furthermore ,if it is a matter of social distancing,some of the top political figures have defied the guidelines.

Did you not see the Central organization of Trade Unions'(COTU) Boss, Francis Atwoli organise a Buildin’g Bridges Initiative (BBI) drinkin’g party unrestricted?

Why would the government hurl teargas canisters at innocent mourners? Why would a body be indiscently buried at wee hours of the night?

If you didn’t know,non of those who came close to Mr.Oyugi throughout his journey from Mombasa tested positive for Corona Virus.

Not even the extended family members he greeted and had a chat with after gettin’g home,ironical ,right?

Before emotions get a better part of me ,just be reminded that the Kenyan laws applies just to a few,that is you who is reading this and I.

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