Government:No more night burials for Covid-19 victims.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe with counterparts from health ministry durin’g the daily briefin’g on Covid-19 in Nyeri.

There is a sigh of relief to many ,after the government gave in to demands to do away with mandatory night burials for those who die of Corona virus.

Accordin’g to the standard ,this comes at a time when 137 new cases of Corona virus and three deaths were yesterday recorded.

During the same briefing, 32 people had been discharged from the hospital after recovering bringing the total recoveries to 1253.

Dr.Amoth,the Health Director General said that he would send a secular to counties with a view to reminding them of Covid -19 victims burial protocol.

The health Director General continued to say that there’s no need to burry hurriedly and especially at night provided the body was properly preserved.

He said that while in Nyeri where he gave the briefin’g.

In accordance with the ministry of health protocols, anybody who dies of Covid 19 should be buried within 48 hours.

If the recent burial of Ohangla musician Bennard Obonyo is anything to go by,the government contemptously disregarded these guidelines.

This latest case sparked public outrage especially in Kisumu county.

Dr. Amoth further affirmed that there are very minimal chances of a person being infected by a properly treated body,owing to the mode of transmission of the Corona virus.

Comparing Corona virus to other illnesses such as Ebola,Dr .Amoth added that the former is way safer than the latter when properly preserved hence the need for a decent send-off.

He continued to advice that as long as the culture dictates that no burial ought to take place at night, it is prudent to wait for another 12 hours.

Upto the time of yesterday’s briefin’g,the health ministry has conducted a total of 115,336,out of which 3594 have tested positive for corona virus.

The health cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe noted that non communicable diseases such high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer has contributed to one in every three deaths reported.

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