Shock as ex-husband chops off a woman’s hands.

The dreadful incident occurred in
Kya Mavui Village in Mbooni, Makueni County.

Using a machete ,the man named Boniface Mutua severed his ex-wife’s hands and inflicted cuts in various parts of her body.

The man paid the 24 year old purity Muthoki a visit on Saturday at around 9pm under the disguise of reconciling with her.

According to her father,no one suspected any ill intentions since Boniface had been visiting them ever since they separated.

This time,the man had a mission to accomplish.

Makau then left to go and finish some work in the neighborhood,leaving behind Muthoki and her ex-husband.

Little did they know that all the way from Yatta-Machakos, Boniface had a concealed panga.

While out,Makau later heard  loud cries from his home and when he went back to check,he met the man rushing out of the house.

Inside ,Muthoki was lying in a pool of blood on the floor and everything within  in total mess.

Makau raised an alarm.The villagers who came found the man fleeing,tied and stoned him to death.

Muthoki is currently recovering at Makueni referral hospital.Her hands which were almost falling off were amputated by the doctors as there was no other option.

According to the doctor’s reports,she had 31 cuts in several other body parts but is currently in a stable condition.

The lead doctor in her treatment,Mr Athman Lugogo said that Muthoki would remain in the hospital for the next few days.

The machete used to conduct the heinous act had been recoverd by the area Chief Jeremiah Makau.

Boniface’ body has been moved to Tawa mortuary.

The deputy governor of Makueni county Adelina Mwau adviced couples to always seek help when they need it.

Adelina has been speaking out against gender-based violence.

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