Renowned Benga Musician, Omondi Lon’g Lilo Dead.

Lovers of Benga music in mourning after veteran Benga musician Erick Omondi Odit alias Omondi Lon’g Lilo was this morning pronounced dead.

His demise occurred at around 4am while undergoing treatment in Bondo Sub-county hospital ,Siaya County.

Sources say that he has suffered from cancer for a long time and this was the cause of his death.

Omondi rocked airwaves about 4years ago with his songs such as Okoth Pilot,Kon’go Shida and Goretti.

In February this year he tried to reach out to his fans after battlin’g sickness for a lon’g time. However his attempts even to close friends with whom he san’g bore no fruits.

According to his fellow musician Odhiambo Tusker who has been in hospital with him,he (Omondi) complained of stomach pains when they were in a meetin’g at one point.

According to him, he thought that was just a mere pain that would fade but was surprised to learn that his condition had deteriorated.

Further ,he noted that in the past few days,Omondi gradually lost his speech and appetite while in hospital.

He lobbied for support from friends to have Omondi transfered to a hospital in Kisumu but he unfortunately passed away before the transfer.

The 37 year old has left behind a widow(Goretti Awino) and three children.

His demise comes at a time when the memories of Ohangla musician Abenny Jachiga is still fresh in the minds of his fans.

Abenny’s burial was characterised by a lot of fracas that saw his body being buried at night sparking public outrage.

People are eagerly waiting to see how Omondi’s burial is going to be conducted after what was witnessed a few days ago in Chiga.

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