Muran’ga residents held hostage by hippos.

Several residents of Kimorori Wempa ward in Maragua, Muran’ga county have been denied their freedom of movement by marauding hippos.

This comes after heavy rains resulted to check dams within the area gettin’g filled up,interferin’g with the animals’ habitats.

The area MCA , Amos Murigi confirmed the matter saying that many people within his ward were held hostage in their homes by the animals that were destroyin’g crops on the farms.

Speakin’g at the county assembly of Muran’ga ,the MCA sought for answers on how the animals can be restrained.

He said that unfortunately,since November last year ,the residents’ activities have been interrupted by them.

Their attempts to have Kenya Wildlife Service come in have bore no fruits as they have not received any response from them.

He also said there was a fatal incident last year ,when a man was attacked by a hippo while on the farm.

He  raised concerns about destruction of farms by the animals sayin’g that there might be food shortage in future as a result.

Further,the member of county assembly said that prior to Corona Pandemic, parents were forced to accompany their children to and from school to ensure their safety from the maraudin’g hippos.

Hippos are amon’g the most dangerous animals in Africa.

They are plant eaters and that’s why they cause a lot of destruction upon getting to the farms that boarders their habitats,either lake shore or river banks.

Hippos can crush a canoe in pieces within seconds using their poelwerful jaws.

It is estimated that about 500 people are killed each year by the animals.

In the year 2018, two people were mauled in Nakuru county after getting close to the dangerous animals.

One of the victims was a 66 year old man who at the time of the incident was snappin’g pictures of the hippos near Sopa hotel.

Another man who was on a fishing  expedition on Lake Naivasha was in similar manner mauled by the vicious mammal in February this year.

Attempts to save him proved futile after he was bitten several times.He was casting a fishing net at around 5am when the animals attacked.

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