Police officers visit Abenny Jachiga’s home,appologise for dawn burial.

police officers at the Late Jachiga’s home in Kisumu county.

Cops on Friday visited the late Ohangla Musician ,Abenny Jachiga to express remorse for the manner in which the burial was handled.

Accordin’g to the Standard newspaper,the officers were led by Kisumu Central OCPD Peter Kattam and his Kisumu East counterpart Musyimi Mwendwa.

They carried with them a lot of goodies such as maize flour, sugar, cooking oil, rice and other sanitation products to seek forgiveness for the controversial burial of Jachiga.

While expressin’g remorse, Mr.Musyimi said that being a police officer is characterised by some challenges and occasionally they may find themselves in on the wron’g.

He also asked the family members to forgive them of anythin’g that the police must have not handled well during the burial.

“It is not our wish to overstep our mandate when doing our work, or to make people feel bad,” said Musyimi.

In his address,Mr. Kattam acknowledged the fact that Abenny was the family bread winner. He said that their goin’g to the home was a way of appreciatin’g the situation that he left the family in.

He urged the the residents to let the deceased rest in peace and not to in any way disturb the family members.

Kisumu County governor.
Governor Nyong’o expressed his appreciation for the officers’ act of humility and promised to do the same.

He said that it was prudent for the police officers to explain to the late musician’s family that the events that led to the controversial burial might have been informed by miscommunication between Jachiga’s fans and the cops while enforcing the covid-19 guidelines.

Threats to remove the body from the grave.

Members of the family said that since the burial occurred ,they have received constant threats from some people who blamed Jachiga’s indecent burial both on them and the officers.

They added that even before the officers’ visit,some had vowed to remove the body.

“Even today, we are not safe and we ask the police to protect us, and let them know that the talks of exhumation do not originate from this family, but outsiders,” said Monica Auma, Jachiga’s mother.

The mother also sought help to have a house that Jachiga was constructin’g completed and his 3 children schooled.

The Controversial burial.
Jachiga’s burial was characterised a lot of fracas with locals demandin’g postponment and eventual decent send off.

He was later laid to rest at 2 am under strict supervision of police officers ,something that sparked condemnation and uproar from the public.

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