President Uhuru’s allies dares Ruto to go ahead and form his party.

Uhuru and his deputy in a past event.

Just a day after the deputy president ,Dr. William Ruto formed a parallel party office , Uhuru “men” have dared him to get out of jubilee and form his own party.

Should Ruto attempt to register jubilee asili,Jubilee Party, the vice-chairman David Murathe has sworn to block him.

He however said that they are at liberty to form a new party.

Murathe said that they will not allow any one to register a political party bearing the name “jubilee” with a view to confusin’g Kenyans.

In a statement ,he denied earlier claims by Tangantanga team that they had been denied access to Pangani Jubilee headquarters saying that they (Tangatanga) had promised to work from Jubilee headquarters.

Murathe said that “You cannot purport to have a party that appears to share a name and slogan with another because it will confuse people. We have the copyright of Jubilee, so they cannot list another party with that name,”

This was in reference to the newly unveilled Jubilee Asili and the slogan “SOTE PAMOJA”.

He further said that the slogan and the clenched hand sign resembles those of JP and would cause confusion amon’g the citizens.

The vocal Elgeyo Marakwet Senator and stron’g defender of the dp,Kipchumba Murkomen rubbished the claims saying that they did not have any plan to ditch Jubilee.

“Ignore the rumours doing rounds. Jubilee Party is our party, our labour of love and visionary investment, whose fruits we look forward to enjoying. Jubilee Asili Centre is the meeting venue for and by members who have been denied access to our party office on Thika Road,” said Murkomen.

Another Dp’s ally , Cornelly Serem  however said that if their concerns are not addressed, they will register a jubilee asili party with support of majority of the Legislators then leave them with a shell of the old jubilee.

Monthly party contributions.
Mr Murathe said that the allies of Ruto were at liberty to run a parallel office but must continue making their contributions to Jubilee party offices at Pangani.

“I heard them say they will contribute to pay for the new office space. They can go ahead but they have to continue remitting their monthly subscription fee. It would be a matter of disciplinary action if anyone stops making the payment,” added Murathe.

Should jubilee learn that Tangatanga team has formed a different party or are pushing for a different ideology,jubilee party would not hesitate kicking them out, added Kanini Kega.

He argued that they were sponsored to parliament by the rulin’g party hence will not hesitate to expell them should they engage in a contrary opinion or activities.

To add onto the matter,Nakuru town West Mp Samuel Arama said that any move by members of Tangatanga to form a parallel outfit to the rulin’g party is misguided and would amount to hindrance of the former’s operations.

In support of his sentiments was Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria who reminded Dr. Ruto of his previous vow to stay in jubilee.

He urged the Dp to go ahead and form a new party besides opening a new office but emphasised on finding amicable solutions to problems whenever they do arise.

The legislature  added that the sole reason for formation of jubilee party was to have ideology-based party that could unify all Kenyans beyond the tribal lanes.

“Kenya needs a maximum of three big parties with a set direction. Some parties have been turned into conduits for enriching certain people who collect money from members for unjustifiable reasons. As much as we are a multiparty democracy, the DP should cool down and sit down with his boss on the issues,” he said.

Cooperation agreement rubbish
The jubilee rebbels rubbished the earlier agreement between jubilee and Chama Cha Mashinani and wiper ,terming it a a boardroom decision.

The sentiment was expressed by Mp’s Caleb Kositany  of Soy, kapseret’s Oscar Sudi and Cornelly Serem of Aldai.

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