A glimmer of hope for BOM teachers.

Teachers employed on the Board of Management (BOM) terms from Kisumu County can now smell a glimmer of hope.

While talking to the media,the Kenya Union Of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) ,Kisumu branch Secretary general Zablon Awange urged the school principals to pay the teachers their salaries.

Mr. Zablon noted that the they have been suffering because of lack of money for upkeep since their salaries were  suspended following the Corona virus outbreak that prompted learning institutions closure.

He further urged the school heads to find it kind within their hearts to save teachers the shame of being subjected to poverty and give them some pay,however little it may be.

He continued to say that the teachers are agonized immensly, as some are not in a position to fend for their families due to lack of income.

“Principals should therefore look for a way to put this to effect.” He said.

The union boss also demanded that the government release the free secondary education funds as well as  that of Corona virus if it is indeed serious about schools reopening in September 1.

Accordin’g to him ,part of the money is to be used to mitigate the pandemic in schools besides payin’g the BOM teachers .

His plea to the government comes at a time when thousands of these teachers were sent on an unpaid leave.

Agonising fact.

With myriad of basic needs to support, families to take care of  and relatives to look after ,some of the teachers have not been paid since Corona virus struck Kenya.

The schools are alleged to have run short of funds since the government through education ministry has not released any funds.

Days have have turned to weeks and weeks to months without them setting eyes on a penny.

Sadly ,any attempts to have a listening ear from the ministry of education have proved futile.

Apparently, the government is  in bed with some of their representatives who ought to air their grievances.

Even if you are not a teacher ,take a look at this scenario -Each month you are expectant of something in your bank account , however meagre it is then suddenly ,this is brought to a halt. Traumatizing right??

People out there are used to seeing you in official wear each morning going to work and back .They obviously know something keeps coming at the end of the month.

With BOM teachers ,it is sufferin’g after sufferin’g.

After several lamentations,will the government hearken to the teachers’ cries??

Those on BOM terms have  been getting their pay through the ministry of education fee capitation.

What makes it so hard to pay them even just a half ,at a time when everyone is sufferin’g due to the lockdown?

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