Waiguru finnaly gives answers to allegations by Kirinyaga MCA’s.

Governor Anne Waiguru has responded to allegations by Kirinyaga MCA’s that led to her impeachment.

A legal team led by her laywer cum husband ,Mr Kamotho Waiganjo on Saturday submitted the responses to the Senate’s office clerk.

He promised a serious battle in the coming week.

“We have filed all responses substantive to all the charges levelled against the governor,” He said.

In his company was Lawyer Paul Nyamodi .

Mr. Kamotho  said that the responses are contained in 40 cartons and regretted the fact that the matter reached where it had. He promised to let the Senate do its work as they await next week’s hearin’g.

A special committee consisting of 11 members was formed by senate to investigate the governor and establish validity of claims by the MCA’s.

Kirinyaga Speaker Anthony Gathumbi has since been summoned by the committee to give his views on the allegations that led to Waiguru’s impeachment.

He is therefore  to appear before the committee on Tuesday next week.

When the committee’s formal sittings kicks off  on Tuesday, the County assembly will be the first to argue its case.

Mr.  Gathumbi was advised by the Senate that during the proceedings ,he should be accompanied by at least 3 Members of County assembly.

He was also advised to provide the committee with 20 hard copies of the documents on which it will rely when looking at Waiguru’s impeachment.

Further, the county assembly is required to provide the committee with names of possible witnesses to give evidence on the matter.

It (the committee) however warned that the meetin’g will proceed in the presence or absence of Mr. Gathumbi as enshrined in the constitution.

If that is to be the case, the Senate will not further refer to him.

The governor was accused of gross violation of the constitution and abuse of office. It is these two that formed the basis of her impeachment.

They cited failure to deliver the annual state of the county address, underminin’g the assembly, violations under written law, includin’g violation of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015 and the Public Finance and Management Act.

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