Jubilee MP’ s asked to keep away their phones and smart watches before entry to KlCC.

The MP’s of Jubilee party were made to put away their phones before enterin’g the Kenyatta International Convention Conference (KICC) for a Parliamentary group meeting.

The legislators were instructed not to get to the the KICC auditorium while having their phones and smart watches with them.

Despite an earlier plan to have the president conduct the meeting from state house through a video,the head of state was seen making his way to the venue at around 10am.

Contrary to expectations of many ,the deputy president was also seen gettin’g to the venue.

It is worth remembering that a section of mp’s allied to Dr. Ruto vowed not to attend the meetin’g  citing different reasons.

Murathe warnin’g.
The jubilee vice Chair Mr .Murathe had warned the DP Ruto’s allies of dire consequences if they chose to snub the meeting convened by the president.

In a statement ,he said that “Missing tomorrow’s PG meeting should not come to anyone’s mind. Disciplinary actions is crystal clear in Jubilee Party Act to those who are deviating from fundamental requirements of the party.”

Below are some of the excuses given by the legislators for not attending the meeting:

Oscar Sudi claimed that he was pissed off by the “insults” hurled at them by the president in the last meeting.

He went ahead to say that he cannot entertain any abuse from a fellow man despite his younger age.

He also claimed that he president has got predetermined agenda that awaits stumping hence no need to attend.

His counterpart Ngujiri had the same sentiments but added that Mr. Kenyatta  made appointments with no regard to the standing orders at the National Assembly and Senate guidin’g how leadership and membership of committees was to be done. 

On his side,Kositany gave an excuses of  him bein’g out of town,short notice and they not given opportunities to share their views as some of the reasons he won’t attend.

More updates to follow………

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