Ruto allies Vows to skip Uhuru meeting

Allies of  the deputy president have vowed to snub a meeting  that is to be chaired by president Uhuru this morning.

Accordin’g to the Standard,the Mp’s who declared their stance on the meeting included Bahati MP ,Kimani Ngujiri,Kapseret’s Oscar Sudi, Caleb Kositany of Soy,Didmus Barasa of Kimilili Cornelly Serem of Aldai .

They all said yesterday that they would not attend today’s meeting,which Uhuru is expected to name a new committee after a rigorous “cleaning exercise ” last week.

In a statement,Kimani Ngujiri acknowledged being invited  but insinuated that they won’t attend owin’g to what they experienced in the last meeting.

He claimed that the president hurled insults at them contray to their expectations,prompting him to quit.

“The president has invited us for a PG meeting tomorrow. In the recent meeting we expected the president to come and unite us. Instead he hurled unpalatable remarks at us. As an elder I left the meeting feeling sick,” Ngunjiri said. 

“We have not stopped him  from doing anything he wants and we are in agreement. Whether it shall be our expulsion from House committees or firing some Cabinet secretaries, we have no problem.”  

“We had standing orders at the National Assembly and Senate guiding how leadership and membership of committees was to be done. Unfortunately, the president changed that, making such appointments to be at his discretion,” said Ngunjiri.

He added that the head of state is at liberty to  take action against anybody he feels is a stumbling block to his administration and in leaving his desired legacy.

On the reasons as to why they would not attend the meeting, the Legislator said that Uhuru’s administration has turned to sanitising corrupt leaders who are in favour of him.

He should therefore go ahead and make the changes that he wishes to because he has all the powers.

He added that the chinese political and economic system that Uhuru is trying to apply ,are not possible in Kenya.

“We can’t just borrow what China’s Communist Party is doing. This is what he is pushing for through the Building Bridges Initiative and the attacks on other smaller political parties,” he claimed.

Oscar Sudi cited the alleged foul language used by Uhuru during the last meeting as the sole reason for him not attending.

He added that despite his younger age,he cannot entertain abuses by a fellow man.

Further, he Claimed that the president has predetermined agenda that are to be stumped during the meeting.

“There is no need for the president to call us to Nairobi when he knows well what his decision is and our attendance will not change it. He should just carry on with his plans, as he has showed us we have no stake in Jubilee,” Sudi said.

Mr.Sudi explained that they have been treated as outsiders in their party and this is the reason that informed formation of jubilee asili party centre.

He also claimed that they were never consulted before signing cooperative agreements by other parties  hence decided to have an alternative place for all that feel mistreated.

He accused Jubilee party Deputy Chairman ,David Murathe of disrespecting elected leaders who are the main financers of the party he leads.

The Legislator urged Mr. Murathe to desist from using foul language whenever addressing them and that their political differences should not extend to the families.

On his side,Kositany cited the fact that he is out of town,short notice and them not given opportunities to share their views as some of the reasons he won’t attend

Serem confirmed receiving invitation to the meeting but said that he saw no agenda hence would not attend if the meeting is aimed at removal of Aden Duale.

Barasa said that he will not attend because he has important constituency matters to attend to.

“We are not controlled by remote control.” He added.

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