It is your duty to prove your accusations,Waiguru to Kirinyaga MCA’s

Kirinyaga county governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru.

Probe into governor Waiguru’s impeachment by the 11-member special senate committee kicked off today morning.

Through her lawyer, she claimed that the MCA’s determination to impeach her is malicious.

She said that  they (MCA’s) cannot accuse and use her at the same time to prove their case.

Her lawyer, Mr. Paul Nyamodi in his submission told the committee that it was the responsibility of the the MCA’s who accused her to prove their allegations.

“It is the county assembly that framed the charges and there is no way her responses can be used against her. The governor has no issue to prove. It is the MCAs who should prove their allegations against her,” Mr Nyamodi said.

The lawyer was speaking at the onset of Waiguru’s trial .

The MCA’s accused the governor of gross violation of the Constitution, the written law and abuse of office charges.

It is on this premise that they impeached her on the 9th of June.

Mr. Nyamodi was giving his response to objections by the Lawyer representing the MCA’s ,Mr. Paul Njiru.

Njiru in his submission accused the governor of supplying her responses in unitelligble documents,and from which the MCA’s could not “deduce the purpose of the payment.”

To have a look at the governor’s travel history,the county assembly requested the committee that the governor be compelled to produce both her diplomatic and personal passports.

“It is difficult to respond substantively to what she has said about her travels because of the nature of the documents given to us,”

Mr Njiru said, in reference to files on the governor’s travels that were submitted to the county assembly.

Provide Intelligible copies.

“According to the documents submitted to us, she travelled to the US and China but it is not in the entries and exits are not clear,”

In response,Lawyer Nyamodi asked what the County assembly relied on while drafting their charge if the travel documents were not in their possession .

He said that the MCA’s were on a fishing expedition.

“What is the basis of their allegation that the governor never travelled?”

He Wondered as he warned that her responses cannot be used against her.

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