George Magoha:Teachers could undergo a mandatory covid-19 test before September 1.

Professor George Magoha with his counterparts from the ministry after inspectin’g the progress of face masks production at Rivatex-Eldoret.

Education cabinet secretary has said that teachers could have a mandatory covid-19 test before schools reopen in September 1.

“We are considering whether all teachers, who will resume work in September, will undergo Covid-19 tests,” he said.

The medical practitioners advised that similarly,all children also be tested and any that test positive to remain at home till recovery.

The big question therefore becomes whether the government has got the capacity to carry out such massive tests.

Last month,the medics also advised the governent to have in place , a carefully planned transport system in order to avoid school-home transmissions.

In addition to that, the government was also advised to not only provide students/ pupils with face masks but also ensure that they are properly used and regularly changed.

Accordin’g to the standard newspaper, in less than two months, 24 million face masks will be delivered to schools ahead of re-opening.

Professor Magoha said this after completion of inspection of the progress of manufacturing the protective gears for learners at Rivatex East Africa-Eldoret.

The CS said that “Once we agree on the prototype, then we will get the pricing so that when schools open in September, face masks will be in the institutions by mid-August as per the presidential directive.”

He also added that 5 companies ,including the National Youth Service ,have been engaged in the manufacture of face masks.

He said that as soon as the ministry of health approves the first design,then mass production at Rivatex will recommence.

In a statement, the director of Rivatex company Thomas Kipkurgat said that they have expanded their daily production up to 80,000 from 50,000.

He added that they are the highest producers of the gears compared to others.

Depending on the numbers that Rivatex is likely to be assigned by the ministry, the company may engage more garmemt-makers.

Proff. Magoha also said that ahead of resumption of learning in September, learning institutions will receive masks and sanitization items.

He added that they are still in a consultation with health ministry to establish whether learners in lower primary will be allowed to put on masks.

He also said that the president had directed that the masks be delivered to the learning institutions on time.

“We will soon reach a consensus on whether the pupils in primary one and primary two will wear masks,” he said.

Learners with special needs.
Magoha said that for the few learners with special needs, the government will provide transparent face masks.

For private schools,the CS said that the budgets excludes them. Only learners in public schools shall be cattered for.

Challenges implementing the measures.
The CS admitted that his ministry is facing challenges in implementing some measures such as social distancin’g.

He said that they will consider reducing the number of students/pupils at a time ,in a bid to reduce contacts.

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2 thoughts on “George Magoha:Teachers could undergo a mandatory covid-19 test before September 1.”

  1. How posaible will this be with the huge number of teachers?

    It’s my hope that learners will also get tested ,else they shall have done zero work.


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