Revealed:Why Duale had to go.

Garissa township Member of parliament and immediate former leader of majority of the National assembly Hon. Aden Bare Duale.

The former leader of majority of the National Assembly had divided loyalty ,something that an anonymous party official said might have cost him his position.

According to the official, Mr. Duale could not be trusted especially with President Uhuru’s 2022 plans.

Of late,the Legislator had shifted his allegiance but it was too late to save him Uhuru’s axe.

According to the standard,in a meeting that lasted about 20 minutes at KICC Nairobi ,Aden Bare Duale was shown the door.

Ruto Quiet
In two instances,the deputy president declined invitations to give a comment,one from the secretary general Raphael Tuju and the other from the president himself.

When he was called upon by Tuju to give his remarks and address the National Assembly Jubilee Coalition Parliamentary Group meeting, the DP  declined.

A similar response was observed when t at the end of his address the party leader asked his Deputy to give a comment.Again he declined.

Moments before that, President Kenyatta had announced Kipipiri Member of parliament as the new Majority leader after Duale was shown the door.

Later in a tweet,Ruto praised the Legislator and described him as a passionate leader who worked hard to deliver jubilee agenda in the parliament.

“The room was tense. He was not in the mood of addressing the meeting. Tuju invited him first to address the MPs but he declined, saying he had nothing to say. Then when the President was through with his speech, he asked Ruto to say something, but he declined,” said an MP.

Dr. Ruto has never commented on the ouster of any of his allies since the purge began. Duale’s was the first.

His tweet read ,“My brother Aden Duale, you are a great leader. For the last eight years, you discharged your responsibilities as our party’s first Majority Leader with style, precision, passion and loyalty.”

He added that “My friend, when parliamentary history is written, you will have a chapter. Mbele iko sawa na Mungu (the future is bright with God).

Recent Ousters
In the recent purges, some of the leaders that have have not survived  includes Senate leaders Kithure Kindiki (Deputy Speaker), Kipchumba Murkomen (Majority Leader) and Majority Whip Susan Kihika.

Others included National Assembly Majority Whip Ben Washiali and his deputy Cecily Mbarire.

The deputy never gave a comment on all these.

KICC meeting
Initially ,the head of state was to conduct the meeting from the state house through a video.

This changed when he physically attended even after some allies of the deputy president vowed to snub it.

The MPs  received a late night text message from National Assembly Majority Whip Emmanuel Wangwe confirming he would physically attend.

Uhuru  however declined to divulge the details of the 20-minutes meetin’g with the Mp’s.

According to insiders,all members were seated when the president got to the venue after which the journalists who were in the hall were ordered to leave.

In the meetin’g.
The meeting commenced by a prayer from Meru Woman Rep Kawira Mwangaza.

Raphael Tuju then asked the deputy to address the gathering but he declined.The secretary general then asked the President to communicate his agenda to the Mp’s.

The party leader began by thanking the Members for comin’g and declared that  his agenda was to announce the new Jubilee parliamentary leadership that would help drive his agenda.

He then asked whether they wanted Duale to continue as the Majority leader but in response were murmurs of “yes” and “no”.

The president then went ahead to read Kimunya’s name as the new Majority Leader and Eldas MP Adan Keynan as the Secretary of the Jubilee Coalition Joint PG.

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