Exposed:How Waiguru allegedly brought down county health sector.

Kirinyaga county boss ,Anne Mumbi Waiguru.

Two doctors yesterday testified before the 11-members senate committee how Kirinyaga County governor Anne Waiguru brought down the county health sector.

Former Kirinyaga Health Executive Dr Agnes Gachoki and Kenya Practitioners Medical and Dentists Union (KPMDU) secretary for Central region Dr. Gor Goody yesterday expressed their frustrations with how Anne waiguru responded to some health matters in the county.

The standard reported that according to the doctors,governor Waiguru sacked 400 casual health workers besides closing 20 dispensaries.

This,they said  brought down the health sector due to increased deaths.

Dr. Gachoki described the governor as an authoritarian who only gives orders and expect them to be followed to the latter,without questionin’g.

“Leadership is something the governor does not understand because … leadership is different from dictatorship. The governor dictates what is going to be done and you just comply. The CECs are just there to do what the governor has directed,” Gachoki said.

She alleged that she made a decision to resign after the governor asked her to shut down the dispensaries that were in a sorry state.

She further said that when she did ask the county boss  together with the Chief officer health to employ more health workers due to scarcity, they both declined.

In addition,She stated that some healthcare workers unfortunately miscarried due to work overload as they worked without leave.

“I was shocked when the governor told me to go ahead to close the dispensaries. I think it was not her priority. I could not because it was a step backwards to Universal Healthcare (UHC), championed by the president,” she told the Senate select committee looking into the ouster of the governor.

She then resigned and after a period more than a year,a new CEC was hired.

The former CEC also told the Senate committee that governor Waiguru unnecessarily athorised procurement of a new healthcare management system.

At the same time the national government had installed one although it was not functional.

“It was never installed until to date. It is really very sad… Kirinyaga County, even after devolution, residents are still going to Embu and Nyeri counties for health (services).”

The lawyer representing the governor,Paul Nyamodi demanded to know from Dr. Gachoki if she (Waiguru ) directly did the tender.

In response ,She said:

“The user department didn’t requisition for the system.”

Personal interest.
Nyamodi asked if Doctor Gachoki played a role in the governor’s impeachment.

She said that she was not a politician and that she was before the committee as a proffessional.

She added that being a resident of Kirinyaga,anything that goes to the county directly affects her.

Further she stated that she was giving evidence how Waiguru brought down the health sector of Kirinyaga County.

While narrating her ordeal with the governor after securing a dornor project, she portrayed her as a leader who doesn’t care.

Gachoki had found a dornor that agreed to construct a ksh 20million worth eye unit and equipment.

Ironically the governor frustrated them on the opening ceremony.

The Canada-based dornors arrived in Kenya then boarded a bus to Kirinyaga. The governor however said she could not see them.

Gachoki was then forced to call off the trip and incur their expenditures.

She continued to say that when the dornors visited the hospital,so frustrated was she that she asked the CEO to attend to them.

“This led to some disappointment with donors, yet the hospital serves people from all over the region,” she stated.

Senator Stewart Madzayo asked whether Gachoki knew Dr. Goody but she was shut down when she attempted to explain.

In his remarks ,the senator said that it was because of Waiguru failing to implement some request by the doctors that she had come for a “retaliation”.

Gachoki responded that having taken an oath to save lives as doctor including those that harms his family ,she was not bitter at anybody.

Yesterday, the senators demanded that the witnesses prove the allegations held against governor Waiguru.

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