Driver disappears with a politician’s ksh 2.1 Million in Nairobi.

Former Senator of Wajir County ,Abdirhaman Ali Hassan asked police officers to trace his driver who he alleged stole Ksh 2.1 million from his car.

According to Hassan,he together with the driver had gone up to Kenyatta International Convention Centre, parked the car and left it with him.

The standard reported that in the car was a bag containing the money in cash.

He added that the incident occurred on 24th at about 3:30 pm.

Upon coming from the meeting ,Mr Hassan was surprised to find the driver and the car Missing.

His attempts to reach  the driver bore no fruits.

Police confirmed that they found the car abandoned outside Nyayo house with the keys hangin’g on the ignition section.

Gun robbery
Elsewhere ,police are in pursuit of two men who were captured on CCTV cameras robbing a man along Kindaruma road in Nairobi.

Before confronting the man,the suspects were on a motorbike then dropped.

With guns in their hands ,the gan’g took away the man’s handbag and other belon’gin’gs of his.

The video shows a man walking from his house to workplace then after bein’g robbed,the gan’g jumped on to the motorbike and sped away.

Police has done tracin’g to Kawangware where the gan’g  is thought to be residin’g

Director of criminal investigation George Kinoti said officers are on the field ,looking for the men.

“DCI detectives based at Kilimani are in receipt of this footage and have commenced investigations to bring the culprits to book. Thank you for sharing this,” said DCI in a Twitter post.

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