Breakin’g:Gikomba market on fire.

Gikomba market has been reported to be on fire this morning.

The inferno allegedly began at around 3am today and was concentrated around the Central Organisations of Trade Unions (COTU) offices.

Several goods whose worth is yet to be established were burnt.

Amon’g the goods ravaged include grains and second hand clothes commonly referred to as mitumba.

Stranded business men and women ,some of whom had taken huge loans to suppliment their businesses kept asking when the frequent fire outbreaks will stop in the Market.

“I got a call from my colleague who told me that the market was on fire. Upon arrival I saw that everything was engulfed in fire and there was nothing much we could do. The county fire fighters arrived at around 6am and they are still trying to put the fire out,” said Mutinda Nzioka, a mitumba trader.

The fire fighters worked as the traders tried to salvage what they could.

In many past incidences,the Market has been on fire with the cause always unclear.

An example is in February when an early morning fire burnt down shoes stalls.

The cause is yet to be known.

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