Physically challenged man shot dead by police for not wearin’g a mask.

A physically challenged man was allegedly shot dead in Lessos ,Nandi county reason bein’g that he was not wearing a mask.

According to standard ,the residents claimed that the man who works as a cobbler in Lessos trading centre  was shot dead by police in unclear circumstances.

The irate residents, in protest of the heinous act torched a house that belongs to a senior police officer.

In an attempt to contain the situation,the police were engaged in running battles with the residents who demanded justice for the late man.

They (residents) barricated Kapsabet-Eldoret roads and lit wheel fires to protest the killing.

angry residents lit fire in protest

For a moment ,they prevented the police from picking the dead body.

The locals stated that there’s an officer who in the process of implementing covid -19 measures has been demandin’g for bribes and harrasing them.

Police brutality has been witnessed in several occasions during this period of lockdown.

A 40-year old man ,named Maurice Ochieng from Kisumu county died after being beaten by police officers 5 days before.

The reasons were the same,not wearin’g a mask.

Ochien’g collapsed in his carpentry workshop at Holo market and upon reachin’g Kombewa Hospital in Kisumu ,he was pronounced dead.

The relatives suspected that he died after sustaining injuries from the police beatings.

The wife said that Ochien’g was beaten then arrested for not wearin’g a mask.

At the onset of the dusk to dawn curfew,imposed with a view to containing the spread of Corona virus,police are alleged to have killed at least 6 people.

They shot and hit residents with their clubs when returning home even before the curfew time elapsed.

It is shocking that people charged with the responsibility of protecting residents have turned out to be their killers.

What is your opinion on the manner in which Kenyan police officers executes their duties,do you think they are proffessional?

Please give your response in the reply section below.

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