17 year old girl sexually assaulted by her Facebook lover and 2 others.

Never could she tell that what began as love , characterised by romantic Facebook chats could end up being a defilment case.

According to Daily Nation ,the duo conversed for a while on Facebook.

The 17 year old girl defied the Corona virus derectives of avoiding traveling unnecessarily ,as she travelled from Homabay to vihiga, eager to meet her “new catch.”

According to the youn’g girl,she “met” the man,whom she identified as Vincent on Facebook then agreed to have a date .

She was then given an invitation by Vincent to his home in Mbale , Vihiga county in June 5 ,where the two “lovers” met and spent a night together.

The minor did her KCSE last year  but had not joined highschool yet and upto the time of the incident was stayin’g with her aunt in Mbita.

She said that on the night of 5th June, Vincent sexually assaulted her then threw her out of the house.

She had no option but to look for her way back home (Homabay).

In the process,she found a bodaboda operator named Davies.

Davies took her to a guest house in Kakamega where they spent the night together, then the unimagined occurred again .

The girl’s visit to Vihiga County was further complicated when she met the third man who gave a listenin’g ear and decided to take her back to Vincent.

They found the door closed then the man offered to accommodate her for that night.Again the he defiled her.

The events might look like a movie but such is the hard time faced by the youn’g girl from Homabay.

5 days after the terrible experiences ,she later fell into the hands of a good Samaritan,a woman who took her to Mbale police station to record her statement.

The girl had lied to the aunt that she went to visit her mum over the weekend.
She (her mother )was called to visit the station.

The incidences left the girl traumatized as she said that all the three men who defiled her declined her plea to have a protected sex if they had to copulate.

Shocked ,the mother said that her attempts to reach the daughter after her “disappearance” proved futile only to be summoned by the police.

“I have never been to this county before. My home is in Homa Bay County,” she said.

She added that the man who invited her to this place should be arrested.

Vihiga County police commander said that investigations were ongoin’g.

Elsewhere in Siaya, police are holdin’g three people that are linked to rape that led to the demise of a girl aged 11,two weeks ago.

Two of those held by detectives in connection to the incident are relatives of the deceased accused of refusin’g  to reveal some information in connection to the matter.

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