Waiguru free at last

The Senate has found the kirinyaga governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru not guilty of the majority of accusations by the Members of her County assembly.

This brings to an end their bid to see the governor out of office.

According to the Daily Nation, senators said that Kirinyaga MCA’s could not prove the allegations they had against her.

Waiguru was on the 9 th of June impeached on account of gross constitutional violations and abuse of office.

The charges were considered in details on Tuesday and Wednesday during trial before 11-member Senate committee  led by Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala.

She however was found guilty of exercising an authoritarianism in her approach to the management of the county.

The committee said that despite the governor being at liberty to fail to attend to activities she seems less important,failing to appear before the county assembly to present the annual State of the County address is overrated.

“The condescending attitude of the governor towards the county assembly is uncalled for and does not inspire confidence and trust in the county executive leadership,” the  report states.

The report adds that ,

“The governor appears to require to be reminded of the high calling of her office and the responsibilities of leadership as set out under Article 73 in the Leadership and Integrity Chapter of the Constitution.”

According to the report, the MCA’s managed to prove the allegations on conferring a personal benefit was proved but adds that it does not amount to an impeachment.

“From the evidence adduced, the committee established administrative malaise in the management of imprests in Kirinyaga County,” the committee, chaired by Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala.

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