MCA’s vows to fix Waiguru just hours after the Senate acquitted her.

It’s barely 24 hours since governor Anne Waiguru was found not guilty by the Senate

The Kirinyaga MCA’s are already on her neck again.

They expressed dissatisfaction with the senate’s verdict and  vowed to impeach her again come what may.

The ward representatives were led by Majority Leader Kamau Murango and the mover of the impeachment motion Kinyua Wangui of Mutira ward.

“We are going to impeach the governor once again whether the Senate likes it or not. The Senate has let us and the people of Kirinyaga down,” Mr Wangui said.

The county leaders accused the governor of looking down upon them besides being uncooperative and they swore not to work with her again.

Mr. David Mathenge who is also the Budget Committee chairman said that for as long as Waiguru is still in office,they’ll continue to impeach her.

On his side,Ndia Member of parliament Geroge Kariuki said he was disappointed at the senate’s verdict and wondered how she will work with the members of county assembly.

The governor on her side blamed the MCA’s  for being after her, due to her support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

She also expressed gratitude to her husband ,the Senate and her fans for the support they accorded her.

“I call upon the county assembly to own up to their failures and play their part in ensuring that we move Kirinyaga forward. Rather than prioritising funds to projects such as building of MCAs offices, they should prioritise allocation to Covid-19 management and healthcare projects as proposed by the executive,” she said in a statement.

The senate’s decision was welcomed by supporters of the governor,who urged the MCA’s to concede defeat.

The Supporters yesterday reached out to the MCA’s for reconciliation.

To be able to impeach the governor,the Ward reps must table fresh evidences besides collectin’g signs from majority of the members of the county assembly.

The Malala-led committee ruled in Waiguru’s favour and hence maintaining her role as Kirinyaga governor.

On the other hand,seemingly, it is”not yet Uhuru” for Waiguru as the 11-member senate established a well organised web of corruption in Waiguru’s government, particularly in tenderin’g.

Ethics and anticorruption Commission has since been directed to launch investigations into the allegations and give a report within sixty days.

The committee in its recommendations also directed that those in the countie’s tendering committee step aside untill investigations are complete.

Anyone found guilty shall carry his /her own cross.

Corrupt deals
One of the people perceived to be the sole perpetrators of the dirty deals by the governor is the Director of administration Paul Kamau.

Others includes Mr Gichira Wayne, the governor’s ICT advisor and Director of Procurement Joseph Carilus Otieno.

The latter was governor’s witness.

Part of the report reads,

“Where allegations are made of a criminal nature, it may be the case that while the committee has neither the time nor the resources to make a conclusive finding, the matter is nevertheless serious in nature and may require the relevant organs of government to pursue,”

Of the four prosecuted cases out of 12 that were listed in the assembly’s motion, the committee drew a conclusion that indeed there was corruption.

Tenders were awarded to companies whose bids were not responsive.

In another instance,tenders were awarded to persons with close relationship with or affiliated to people that holds positions in the executive.

Nevertheless ,the governor was also accused of reinstatin’ g staffs but then keeping them wait for extremely lon’g periods without pay.

In conclusion,the committee noted that inspite of Waiguru being found culpable of some allegations,they were not substantive enough to warrant her impeachment.

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