Probe into Kakamega Primary Stampede report out at last.

Report on the probe of Kakamega  primary school stampede that led to the death of at least 13 pupils is finnaly out.

The reports from investigations of the matter have excluded teachers from the tragic incident.

It also rules out claims that the stampede was as a result of church ghosts or cults.

It reveals that teachers were the first to get to the scene of the incidence with the aim of rescuin’g the pupils.

“Upon the sound of the alarm, they were the first to rescue the pupils who had stumbled on each other and were trapped in the building,” states the report.

According to the standard, police indicates in the reports that there was no crime committed as what was witnessed was accidental.

“There is no clear criminal act that has been committed that is evident, no persons have been mentioned in connection with the stampede as well. This was an unfortunate event,’’ states the report.

For official closure and to calm any speculation, the Director of public prosecution has orded that the matter be placed before the magistrate.

The report also ruled out claims that there were structural faults in the three storey building in which the victims’ classes were.

A pre observation carried out on the building showed that there was no connection between the alleged faults and stampede.

Post morterm Reports

According to the postmortem reports ,the learners died from asphysia (a condition of deficient supply of oxygen the body that arises when  breathing is interrupted for example chokin’g)

The churches that used to hold services in the school prior to the tragedy now have got relief after a accusations of practicing cultism.

The teachers who were accused of negligence have also breathed a sigh of relief.

Recently ,Education cabinet secretary Professor George Magoha had told off the parents who demanded the outcome of the probe.

He said that the report was not urgent, somethin’g that triggered protest along them.

On his side he encouraged the parents not to focus on past events but rather to focus on the matters that affected the school.

Among the leaders who questioned the churches that held services within the school included a former Senator.

In a previous visit to the school,Magoha said that ,

“A lot is being peddled on social media regarding what happened. We should not allow politicians to cheat us with what they think; let us learn from past mistakes and wait for the report,”

The report has received criticism from parents who claims that it never captured the details of what might have occurred.

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