Four suspects arrested in connection to viral CCTV video of Kilimani robbery,a laptop recovered.

Four people connected to a CCTV footage that showed two men attack and rob a pedestrian alon’g Lenana road in Nairobi have been arrested.

In the video that went viral on social media, two men are seen confronting a pedestrian ,points a gun and a knife at him then grabs a bag that contained  a laptop and other belon’gin’gs from his pocket.

Accordin’g to The Standard ,the two men who had a gun and a knife are amon’g the four who were arrested in their hideouts at Pangani.

According police, a woman believed to be one of the suspect’s wife together with another occupant of the house was also arrested.

The police had traced them up to Kawangware and Gatina but they managed to escape only to be caught up with in Pangani on Monday.

Some of the thing’s that were recoverd by the police include the clothes the suspects wore on the fateful day,knife and a laptop.

Nairobi police boss ,Mr . Phillip.Ndolo said that they are in persuit of other suspects.

He added that the ones already caught are expected in court to face various charges.

“The men who were captured on CCTV attacking a pedestrian along Lenana Road while armed with a pistol and knife were arrested. We will not relent until all accomplices are caught and we thank all those who helped to get them,” said Ndolo.

To help address crime,police adviced both tenants and landlords to install CCTV cameras.

Nairobi County has been on partial lockdown in the past few months durin’g which crime rates reduced to some extent.

Crime Cases
Since the year 2020 began, at least 100 defilment cases have been recorded in Nairobi.

According to police authorities,the 129 cases reported have been flactuatin’g.

In January ,30 cases of defilment were recorded, February 29, 24 in March and April and finally 22 in May.

Despite the smaller margins, Mr. Ndolo said that the cases were on the decline.

He however expressed fear due to the fact that the numbers could rise owin’g to children’s presence at home as a result of Corona virus pandemic.

“We can see a steady decrease in the cases even though it is not impressing. We ask parents to be keen on their children,” he said.

Rape cases.
If data collected in the region is anything to go by, January had 11 rape cases, February reported 7, March and April 5 while May 7.

Robbery with violence
cases of robbery with violence stood at 54, in January, February 21, March 25 ,April and May both 20.

Murder incidences
January (5), February (18), March (10) , April (15) and May (16).

On the other hand,cases of assault stood at 137 in January, February (151)  ,28 on March ,15 April and 16 May .

Ironically,most of these cases are believed to have taken place at night despite the dusk to Dawn curfew that was imposed by the government to help cub the spread of Corona virus.

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