Uhuru:Kenya to end Nairobi and Mombasa Lockdown.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that the government is set to lift the inter-county lockdown in few days to come.

According to the star Newspaper, the head of state said that lifting of the lockdown will pave way for domestic flights.

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Mr.Kenyatta was speakin’g on Sunday durin’g a virtual leaders forum on US-Africa trade convened by the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) .

The head of state said that this will be a prerequisite for openin’g up the skies to later on permit the international flights.

“We are going to start domestic flights and this is what we are going to use as our trial over the next couple of days because we are opening up the lockdown of intercounties,” he said.

He added that in as much as Kenya is eager to open up it’s economy,including flights, priority must be given to good health hence necessary precautions must be taken.

“If you don’t take precautions, opening up too quickly also has its downside. We are eager to open up but also eager to stay safe and healthy. We are doing everything to ensure we are back in the sky,” he added.

The head of state acknowledged that the precautionary measures that have been put in place have greatly helped to save lives.

He however noted the negative side effects, that is, deterioration in certain sectors of the economy.

He cited the informal sector,tourism and hotel industry that he said have suffered a major blow.

Further,he said that his administration had put in place measures to cushion vulnerable communities and businesses from the adverse effects of the pandemic.

This week,the The National Emergency Response Committee is expected to loosen or tighten the chains further.

Loosen by easin’g the current measures or tighten by extendin’g them because the period given to counties to have 300 bed capacity isolation centres is soon elapsin’g.

Only 12 counties had achieved the target by Thursday last week while the others are still strugglin’g.

The total number of Covid -19 cases stands at 6070.

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