CJ David Maraga dismisses claims that he fathered a child out of wedlock.

The chief justice David Kenani Maraga has dismissed allegations that he has a child out of wedlock.

He,through his Lawyer , Danstan Omari termed the birth certificate alleged to be of his daughter fake.

“We have had a perusal and due deligence on the annexures that have been filed to accompany this. For those who have access to the birth certificate.. there is no registrar known as Shamwata in the whole country nor has there been an officer with the name N.P Otieno,” Omari said.

According to the star,Mr. Omari said that the birth certificate is generated hence cannot be relied on.

Birth certificate alleged to be of Maraga’s child.

He added that pressure has been piled on the Chief Justice to retire before his tenure is due.

On Tuesday,drama ensued at Milimani law courts when a lady named Mary Kwamboka clad in a grey dress claimed that Mr. Maraga sired her child.

She shouted,

Nimechoka na hii story, mbona mnanizungusha na hii story kila wakati..” (I’m tired of all this… why are you taking me round in circles?)

“Maraga amekataa kugharamia mtoto wake… anataka mimi nimgaramie mimi mwenyewe.” (Maraga has refused to take care of his child. He wants me to take care of the child by myself.)

According to Kwamboka,she met the CJ way back in 2013 and had a love affair with him.

“I now have a six-year-old daughter. I have the documents and have been filing cases here. He was summoned by the children’s department but he refused to come,” she said.

She added that she met Maraga in church but could not reveal any information beyond that because the matter was before a court of law.

“We used to go to Nakuru, Naivasha everywhere that is high end…” she said.

Lawyer Omari wished these away sayin’g the CJ is being compelled to resign.

“The CJ is an elder of the SDA Church. The DPP should get to the root of it. We are not worried about the girl but more about who is behind it,” he said.

The judiciary and Executive have in many occasions been in “conflict” over different issues.

Last month ,Maraga divulged what is ongoing between the two arms of the government.

He first protested the Executive Order by President Uhuru Kenyatta to re-organise government.

He claimed the President doesn’t have constitutional powers to institute changes in the Judiciary (Article 132).

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