Helb Denies Rumours that it is planning to suspend loans for Engineering students.

Helb has refuted claims that have been doing rounds on social media that it is planning to suspend funding for engineering courses.

Accordin’g to the standard newspaper,the information was wron’g and originated from a satirical website.

There’s a very small difference between satire and misinformation. The more a satirical information circulates,the more it misinforms as different people give it varied interpretations.

According to the story,Higher Education Loans Board had stated that market is full of engineering graduates and that there was no meaningful returns from investin’g in engineerin’g courses.

The website named, Postamate further claimed that 3/4 of engineering gradutes are either unemployed, self employed or employed in a totally unrelated field.

The website quoted ,

“Why waste five years pursuing calculus and other complex things that will not be used anywhere? We are being unfair to these kids and we would rather tell them the truth.”

These claims contradicts a report  titled ‘State of Graduate Employability in Kenya’ by CPS International released in May 2019.

According to the report,the second most employed graduates are those from engineering fields.

Further ,the report indicates that the most employed graduates are from business and economics at 46.7 percent ,second being engineering graduates at 11.1 percent and 8.9 medical studies.

ICT and natural sciences accounted for 6.7 per cent of graduates while art and design accounted for 4.4 per cent while 2.2 per cent are from law, humanities and others.

Mr. Wavi Mungala ,the head of corporate communication at Helb said that they did not issue any directive that suspends loans for engineerin’g students.

“The site that carried this unfortunate story is clearly notorious for fake stories not just about HELB but also about other institutions,”

She said.

Helb advised  members of the public that should they find any information purpoted to be from helb,they should use their official communication channels to verify ,when in doubt.

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