Don’t open schools and churches yet,health workers to Uhuru.

The union of health practitioners have urged president Uhuru to open the economy in phases if he has to.

Accordin’g to the star,the union said that training and other tertiary institutions should be prioritized.

However ,they opined that untill that time when there shall be a steady decline in the number of covid 19 infections,schools and churches should remain closed.

Speaking on Wednesday, the union representatives  reiterated Education cabinet Secretary sentiments that opening should be gradually done in order to enable the country to beef up its capacity to manage the increasin’g number of infections.

6 Unions that we’re represented include:

Dr. Mercy Mwangagi who is also the Health CAS said that the medics shall be paid their allowances.

  • The Kenya National Union of Nurses
  • Kenya Union of Clinical Officers
  • Kenya Health Professionals Society
  • Kenya National Union of Medical Laboratory Officers
  • Kenya National Union of Pharmaceutical Technicians
  • Kenya Union of Nutritionists and Dietitians.

“We are happy to note that funds are available and health care workers will be paid and it is a process that should be happening going forward,” Mwangangi said.

She also urged the county governments to continue giving their support to the healthcare providers as they work hard to see to it that Corona virus is totally eliminated.

She also stated that counties need to bear responsibility to ensure the country combats the coronavirus.

“We expect county governments to enhance testing capacity and surveillance and  deploy rapid response teams and health facilities need to be readied,” the CAS said.

It will be remembered that the cabinet secretary of Education Professor George Magoha had proposed that schools be reopened in the first of September.

In his recent statements,he said that reopening will be dependent on the prevailing situation of the virus in the country.

The September 1 date received a lot of opposition especially from school heads who claimed they had no finance to put in place the health regulations required by Health ministry.

Modalities of reopenin’g houses of worship are yet to be made public.

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