CJ Maraga wants the lady allegin’g affair to be probed.

Chief Justice David Maraga has called upon relevant investigative agents to probe the lady who claimed that he sired a child with her.

Through his legal team ,the CJ dismissed authenticity of the documents produced by the lady.

On Tuesday, there was drama at the Milimani Law courts when Mary Kwamboka shouted within the court presinct that Maraga has refused to take care of “their” six year old daughter.

According to The star Newspaper, the head of Maraga’s legal team ,Mr .Danstan Omari said that the lady advertently dramatised the issue at the Milimani Law courts in full glare of police officers.

“The said applicant did start with a lot of drama at the protection of the state contrary to Covid-19 regulations. She put up so much drama that is all over social media,” Omari added.

He confirmed that indeed there’s a case filed before the children’s court by Kwamboka with Maraga as the defendant.

The case was numbered  CC 480/2020.

The lawyers however said that owin’g to the fact that Kwamboka had not paid filing fees,there was no case before the court.

“Once we saw all that in the media we took instructions from our client David Maraga and filed a notice of appointment,” he said.

According to Mr. Omari ,the whole drama was aimed at malignin’g Maraga’s good  reputation.

He said that pressure has been pilled on Mr. Maraga to leave office before his time elapses.

The chief justice is set to officially retire in the year 2021.

“We have come to this court to represent our client only to be told that there is no case and that can only be after the applicant fees has been paid,” he said.

According to lawyer Anita Masaki, their investigations revealed that the name of the alleged mother was not in the registry of births.

This raises eyebrows whether the child really exist.

“We are not worried about the girl in question but more about the person who is behind her drama,” the lawyer said.

Havin’g perused the annexutures filed in court ,Mr. Omari led team came to the realization that the alleged registrar of birth named Shamwata is non existent in the whole country.

So is the case with an officer named NP Otieno in the Nairobi office.

They therefore are of the opinion that the birth certificate was generated and could not be relied on.

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