Magoha ashamed as Health ministry says testing all teachers and learners before reopening is impossible.

The government has blatantly said that it is not possible to test all teachers and students prior to school reopenin’g.

Health CAS Dr. Rashid Aman said that conducting such tests is costly, besides,their supply lines is also characterised by some challenges.

This comes after Education cabinet secretary Professor George Magoha said that all teachers and support staff will be tested ahead of schools Reopenin’g.

Accordin’g to Magoha,the tests should be conducted two weeks before openin’g and again two weeks after opening.

Approximately ,Kenya has 317,069 and millions of students,primary and Secondary combined.

Conducting such tests on teachers would require approximately ksh 1 billion.

“Testing will be a continuous process once pupils and students go back to school,” he said.

The CS said that untill that time when the government will be sure that all preventive measures are put in place, schools will not resume.

He asked the administration of the schools to ensure that all building have a steady supply of water and all toilets regularly cleaned.

“There should be as many handwashing points for children as possible to ensure high hygiene standards,” the CS said.

Contrary to Magoha’s sentiments, the ministry of health said that it testing that huge number would be a challenge.

We must say this with regards to the context of timing and when education resumes. Schools are likely to resume early next year and testing such a huge number would be challenging to us,” Aman said.

Dr. Aman said that stakeholders should come to a concensus on the best approach to be used to test teachers ,non teaching staff and learners.

“There needs to be a review on our testing strategy to identify useful and informative information that can determine on the best approach to conduct the tests,” Aman said

Magoha said that September openin’g will only be possible if the Corona virus pandemic is contained.

“The position of the parents has been very firm that we don’t open until the curve is flattened and the parents are the major shareholders,” he said, citing a similar position from the Council of Governors.

“They also said they will not allow the schools to be re-opened until the curve is flattened.”

As of yesterday, Kenya had reported 7886 cases of Corona virus with 160 deaths since the pandemic was first reported in Kenya.

According to Aman, the country has been reporting a daily average of 261 cases for the past one week.

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