Magoha:Schools officially resumes in January 2021,learners to repeat current Classes.

Learning will officially resume in January the year 2021, Professor Magoha has said.

This year’s National examinations will be done later next year ,meaning the 2021 Examinations will not be there,as covid 19 has rendered this year’s calendar null and void. He added.

Earlier plans to have the candidates resume this year september has been done away with by the stakeholders.

Tertiary institutions (Colleges and Universities) will resume from September on condition that they comply with the Covid 19 guidelines.

“Universities will be allowed to re-open if they meet all the requirements set by MoH, and they must be inspected. Members of staff must agree on how they will do a phased reopening,” he said.

Further ,he said that opening will be dependent on the prevailing conditions of the Corona virus.

Magoha’s announcement came just a day after President Kenyatta lifted the cessation of Movement order that had affected normal operations of several counties.

Although Kenyatta’s move was welcomed by many who had lon’ged for the opening,pundits say it would lead to hundreds of infections.

Covid-19 infections have continued surging in Kenya with the recent figures standing at 8,067 confirmed cases of the virus, 164 deaths and 2,414 recoveries.

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