6.Things that teachers,learners and schools should expect after Magoha’s Tuesday declarations.

It took Education ministry under the stewardship of Professor Magoha weeks of brainstorming but ultimately,he declared the 2020 education calendar null and void due to corona virus.

According to Magoha’s announcement, Universities and other tertiary institutions will in September open on condition that they put in place measures to protect their students from the virus.

Primary and secondary schools however will have to stay longer at home,as they await to open in January next year should the infection curve flatten.

In addition to that they will all have to repeat their current Classes.

“All learners in Grades 1 to 4, Standard 5 to 7 in 2020 and Forms 1 to 3 in 2020, will remain in their current classes in 2021… This year’s KCPE, KCSE candidates will sit their examination later in 2021,” Magoha said.

Magoha was speaking at Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development. He termed the decision unanimous.

With him were representatives of Giant teachers unions KUPPET and KNUT,schools,parents , Teachers service commission all of whom were in support of the new development.

Earlier,there was a suggestion by stakeholders to have schools open in September but later , January 2021 was recommended having looked at the situation within the country.

Since the inception of KCPE and KCSE 30 years ago,this will mark the first time that they will not be done.

What exactly are the implications of the decisions?

1.Extended duration for completing studies.
In stead of eight years,those currently in primary school will spend 9 years while their counterparts in highschool 5 in stead of 4 years.

2.No grade 1 and form 1 intake
In consequence,the intake of grade one and form one learners that takes place yearly in January will not be there next year.

Both Universities and colleges will also miss annual intakes in the year 2021.

3.Disruption of the implementation of Competence Based Curriculum.
Implementation of the CBC was to move to grade 5 this year but apparently that will not be possible due to the changes.

4.In addition to that ,key programs such feeding and distribution of sanitary pads will also be thrown into disarray.

5.Escalation of drug abuse and Pregnancies cases.
With just four months at home it was approximated that 400,000 school going girls were pregnant.

Now that they have to stay at home for about 5 months longer,what do you expect?

The same could be witnessed with Female genital mutilation, drug and substance abuse and early marriages.

The Kenya Parents association chairman ,Mr. maiyo projected that the situation is likely to worsen unless a swift action is taken.

To keep the learners engaged, he said the association is working on how to develop viable out-of-class learning that can suit all learners.

“We are reaching out to partners like Safaricom, Google, KICD and others to see how best we can ensure our children continue their education at home and keep them off harmful practices,” Maiyo said.

6.No salaries for BOM and private school teachers.
Their salaries is directly from school fees.Now that there’s an extension of closure of schools, the teachers should brace themselves for 6 more months without pay.

According to private schools association head,Peter Ndoro ,the Institutions have not been able to pay salaries since April with others backdating salaries  to March.

“We solely depend on school fees and in the absence of them we have no source of revenue. At the moment, almost all schools have stopped paying their staff,” Ndoro said.

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