University of Nairobi has lost two staff members to Covid-19.

The University of Nairobi (UON) Vice Chancellor Professor Charles Kiama on Friday divulged that corona-virus has claimed two lives of his staff members.

“These are not mere statistics. These are our brothers, sisters, parents and friends. University of Nairobi has also not been spared by this enemy, the Covid-19,” he said.

While addressing students and staff in a briefing that was also streamed through the university portal,Prof kiama said that two members of his staff succumbed in the past three weeks.

He added that experts have projected that the situation is to increase untill somewhere in November when a reprieve is likely to be witnessed.

“My dear students and staff, the ravage of Covid-19 is real. The coronavirus continues to spread,” he said.

According to The Star ,as at Friday,Kenya had recorded a total of 9448 infections with Friday alone recordin’g 473 cases.

As reported by Health Cabinet secretay Mutahi Kagwe, figures we’re obtained from a sample of 6979 taken in the last twenty four hours.

A total of 206,584 samples had been tested as of Friday.

The Vice Chancellor said that they have put in place measures to ensure that learning continues uninterrupted for example probiding learners with eLearning materials such as internet bundles.

“This intervention brought life back to the university, as faculty and students began to engage. As we were gaining momentum, the challenge of cost of data emerged and threatened to roll back our gains,” he said, adding that no student who was scheduled to graduate this year should fail to do so because of Covid-19.

He attributed the uninterrupted learning activities at UON to the fighting spirit of both students and staff.

Vice Chancellor of University of Nairobi Professor Kiama

“I applaud and salute you all for your gallant efforts. When our history will be written, I have no doubt that a paragraph or perhaps a chapter will be reserved for the resilience you have exhibited in the Covid-19 time,” he said.

Professor Kiama further stated that he had directed the deans ,directors to lias with respective principals in order to prepare for phased opening of the institution in accordance with Magoha’s directives.

Admission of new students.

He said that he’ll communicate when the first year students will be admitted to the institution.

“Admissions of new students is also continuous using our rolling admission system online please visit and apply,” he said.

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