Teachers warns Law Society of Kenya against interfering with TSC affairs.

The Union of Special  Needs Education teachers has asked Law Society of Kenya (LSK ) to keep off matters to do with teachers.

Through the secretary general ,Mr. James Torome, the Union said that it is only the president that is mandated to either re-appoint or dismiss the Chief Executive Officer of the Teachers’ Service Commission Dr. Nancy Macharia.

Torome was talking at a press conference in Narok Town.

He said that the only duty of the attorney General in this case is to notify the president of any vacancy.

He reminded the lawyers that they (teachers) have never interfered with any judicial process and in a similar mannner,they lawyers should keep off teachers’ affairs.

The Union Chairman ,Amos Karanja wondered why everybody was concerned about teachers’ affairs while on their side they have never interfered with other proffesions.

He demanded respect for the tutors saying that Miss Macharia has stood with them during tryin’g moments.

The sentiments comes just few days after Kenya National Union Of Teachers (KNUT) denied claims that it was against Nancy Macharia’s reappointment.

Through the secretary general ,Wilson Sossion, the Union said that it had not filed any petition in court with a view to opposing Macharia’s reappointment for the second term.

He confirmed that KNUT and TSC were in the process of “reconciling” and such allegations could ruin all that.

Few days ago a petition filed by a lobby group Midrift Human Rights Network that sought to bar the CEO from carrying out her duties suffered a blow after the bench failed to issue such orders.

Her term was however renewed despite  LSK’s efforts to stop it on grounds of it not being done through a competetive process as required by the law.

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